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  1. I was wondering if anyone had some advice about Portage Lakes. I have done very well there in the summers, but I struggle in the early spring and fall months. Advice?
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    thelatrobe33 Ohio Bassman

    The guy I bought my boat from said he almost exclusively uses jig & pig and rattle traps in Portage. Hope this helps! I've never once caught a bass in there...

  3. Does anyone know which of the lakes are better to focus on? As of now I have mostly concentrated on Turkeyfoot, but sometimes I cant catch a damn thing, other times I kill them all day
  4. I am docked on E.Res and do extremely well in that area. I tend to focus on shell beds and rock. There are shell beds all over the place so wether they are pre-spawn etc. they have multiple options. Submerged rock, concrete are always great as well. If you want PM me and I'll trade you some of my spots for yours. I never do very well past Rt 619. Either way good luck.