Portage lakes east res. 8-25

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    went to east resivoir with exexec looking for some redears and boy did we find them. we got close to 30 along with a bunch of big gills. fished from 8-12. I kept 12 or so redears, all were fish ohio, biggest went 11in even. should have pics when I get the film developed. also caught 10 bass. most over 12in. we fished a point in front of the house with a pool. i beleive that it's rick case's old house, southeast of the speedzone.
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    Johnboy when are you gonna take me out to catch some bluegills and perch? I'll even let you keep them all!

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    John what did u get the bass on?
  4. That's a good spot. I do well there often.

    CFish102 and I were there last Sunday and did OK. Biggest redear was 11 1/2 but was caught in West Res. We only kept 17, I think. Lots of nice gills.

    White was the hotter color.
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    flipp, the bass came on rattlinraps.
  6. EJH


    What were you using for bait for the bluegills? Were you fishing with bobbers or casting? How deep were youi fishing?
  7. I went to PL last night. Only had 4 bass strikes all night. Put the two 12.5 inchers in the boat and missed the two big ones. One of those even jumped out of the water, waved hello, and then went on his way. Right friendly I'd say.
  8. We fished shallower, 2ft down, with pinmins tipped with either waxworms or maggots. Had to pick through the dinks, but we got the bigger ones too.
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    we used wax worms on slip bobers. a foot or so off the bottom. we were in about 6ft of water. it was the first i had ever fished east resivoir and I was reallt impressed. That is definaetly the place for the big redears. I may have to try west resivoir if I ever get bored.
  10. I like when the bigger ones hit and the bobber sloooowly sinks...then when you set the hook, there really isn't that much fight. That's because the fish is swimming towards the boat! When he sees it, it's WHAM! Sideways turn and the drag goes! Love those BIG redears.

  11. I put down the bassin rods finally and started to targert those shellcrackers and what an experience that was. We boated 51 (dinks included) and kept 10 for dinner. Our bigger ones were 9-10". Carl that point is really hot right now. Hey Johnny what color rattlin rap? I don't throw cranks at all and need some assistance on color selection and size. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Yep. It sure is. We did well there, plus on the other side on the big flat, even found some. Lost some in the weeds though.

    I also heard you can get them very deep, 15+ ft of water, just drifting w/ a piece of nightcrawler on the bottom. Haven't tried yet, too many water skiers. LOL.
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    i use silver bodies with a darker back in rattlin raps. holographic, which are hard to find are the best.