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Portage lakes crappie

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by exexec, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. Went out with Argee to check out his boat with his new goodies, stopped over near East resv and picked up a few crappies in the same spot as last week, Water temp was 48.5 about 5 degrees colder than last week.
  2. Cool Bro...I plan to do some feeshin, from the backyard, next few days. Happy hunting...

    Frankie Bro

  3. If so welcome here dude. Lets get on some them fishes :D
  4. Portage Lakes

    Portage Lakes OGF Member

    The Crappie started out great this year and then that last cold front has slowed things way down. I have heard of some Walleye being caught out from the state park beach which is an encouraging sign since almost no one caught any Walleye last year.

  5. Frankie Bro would in fact be your real Bro...... :)