Portage Lakes 9/4/07

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  1. Fished from 7-11am. Ended up with 6 LM's. All were keepers around 14". Lost quite a few also. As usual, finesse worm in the grass was what worked today.
  2. hitting portage thursday evening with my Dad any tips on color of worms would be great thanks

  3. I was out on labor day and caught 5 nothing huge most on a fire tiger rattle trap, one on a worm!
  4. Buick Riviera

    Buick Riviera Willows and bass go together like beer and pizza.

    We were out for about 90 minutes this evening. The Princess caught 3 keepers and I got zilch. She got all hers on a black/chartreuse finness worm in the grass field by the speed zone.

  5. anyone hit portage today or yesterday ? info would be good hope to hit some bass with my dad tomorrow afternoon
  6. fished portage for the first time monday since powerhouse (april). caught my biggest portage bass ever. just shy of 5lbs. i had never caught anything over 3lbs before at portage. got 1 other 12 incher. 8-10 fow. fished for a hour and a half. it was a good evening to be on the water.
  7. Hit portage with my day this evening your tips were right on we got 4 nice fish we both got a 3lbs. and a 14 incher . I had a hog on but broke me off onn a tree branh thanks again for the tips .