Portage Lakes 9/18/07

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  1. Hit Portage on Tues. morning from 7-11. 0 LMs caught. I didn't even have a single strike. My partner lost a decent one that wrapped around a tree and broke off. Worst day of fishin' in 2 years and 1st. time I been skunked in 2 years. Oh well, putting the boat up and getting ready for deer season. Happy hunting everyone!!!
  2. Funny because this was my first year fishing portage lakes and I have not been skunked yet. I try to get out every week but sometimes other priorities come into play. This will be my last weekend out before deer season opens so I keep debating on whether or not to go out and put my little streak at Portage on the line. Besides I have been procrastinating a date with the washing machine and some scent killer.

  3. I was bass fishing in Canal Fulton yesterday.
    Started at 8:30am and did not get a hit until 10:30am.

    From noon until about 1:30pm they were on FIRE. Attacking whatever I tossed.

    At about 1:30pm all of the bass were just barely under the surface in pairs or quads??? They got so spooky unlike anything I've seen. Falling acorns or ever leaves landing nearby made them bolt. They would reappear shortly.

    I would cast 25 feet past them, but a few seconds before the small waves made by my bait got to them, they'd scatter. Very odd.
  4. Where in Canal Fulton were you fishing?? The only lake I know of is off of Portage St.....and I thought it was private?? I grew up fishing that lake - knew the people that lived right next to the Maintenance building.........

    I grew up in Canal Fulton, Dave - on Milan St...........
  5. I can't give the exact location, but I was fishing the river.
    It's a little low, but the fishing was good and I walked my butt off.

    I'm not close to downtown. I'm off Portage and High Mill.
    Jut moved out here from Canton about 5 years ago.