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Portage Lakes 9-1

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Tritonman, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. Went out from 4-9 fishing for bass. Ended up catching a dozen or so. Nothing will big, but had some really nice blow-ups on a pop-r. Even hooked 2 but they both took down into the weeds. Fish seemed to be in a neutral mood. Anyhow, the highlight of the night was a 26" saugeye that hit my rattlin midnight special. That was cool. That will be my second fish ohio saugeye out of that lake. Has anyone done any good actually fishing for these toothy creatures out at Portage Lakes????????
  2. I fished portage last night also. We had 3 in the boat but we managed a few fish. From 5 to about 8:30 we landed 7 biggest was 15 inches. they we all caught on buzzbaits or senkos. This seems like a great summertime lake alot of Deep weeds to fish. We didnt catch any Sauguye but my cousin did manage to snag a big ol carp on a wacky rig.