Portage Lakes 7/29/07

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  1. Went out this afternoon with my two sons, Nick and Sam, for some gills and crappie... MAN was it HOT out there! The fishing sure wasn't... Didn't even catch one dang crappie. Did manage a lot of small perch, small gills, and small redears. Kids had fun watching the sheriff boat keep the speed zone in order... Was great to get out, even though it was very warm out. Ice cold Gatorade works wonders... I really like taking the boys out. Had some nice comments at the ramp on how well behaved they were as I went to get the trailer to load up. I can't wait to get them out when the big ones start hitting...

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    That is what it is all about Big Daddy. Teach the youngs ones how to fish, instead of T.V, video games ect.... My son is only 11 months but I take my neighbors and my nephews.
    Remember people............ Take a kid fishing!!!!!!
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    We were out there for a couple hrs. in the morning and left by 12:30, it was hot out there! We were fishing with plastics and found the bass bite slow also. Hubby caught 2, I got skunked :( We got to see the sheriff go after a hugh boat speeding around the speed zone while it was "sailing only" time and there were sail boats out there. Like, Duh!! Big Daddy.........love the pic's of your kids, their so cute! :) WB
  4. I bet those big smiles on those boys is also from being out on dad's new boat! You had that baby on Erie yet? How'd it do?? I was musing about that deal when you (suddenly) put me out of my misery!!!
  5. Haven't had it up there yet... Time has been fleeting and the weather hasn't been "right", but I'm hoping...
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    steel head time is around the corner she knows the grand river well ;)
  7. Saw in the Erie forum, you're going up tomorrow. If taking taking the Canadian, I'm sure you'll have no problems at all. That's one heckova rig you got there. Let us know.