Portage Lakes 7/21/07

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  1. Hit Turkeyfoot this AM with OGF member "Prez" and his son Joey.. We were looking for crappies... Found a few, plus some gills and perch. Fish were suspended in 9 to 15 ft of water... I caught a MONSTER too. It was pushing 16 inches... Could have easily been a wall hanger, but I released her to keep on growing.

    All fish were caught on jig/maggots or Berkley crappie nibbles... White caught the most fish, but chartruse caught the monster...

    Great day to be out on the lakes. Not too crowded, not too hot...
  2. chaunc

    chaunc Staff Member

    I should have came over today. Didn't want to fish by myself tho. I'll be there next week tho. Are the redears still biting?

  3. Not in the spot we were fishing... Caught some small ones... I'd look for the shallower or find some shell beds...
  4. Forgot to mention, saw Steelhead Bob and his wife Dee at the bait shop in the AM... How did you guys do? We never left Turkeyfoot...:D
  5. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    I'm glad to hear you had a good trip Carl. Did you get a pic of that brute?
  6. steelheadBob

    steelheadBob Robs Guide Service

    never fished, the motor shut down and some guy in a nitro towed us back to the ramp from east res. took here apart and found a burnt piston!!!! dont ask but ive been having bad luck with boats and motors this year!
  7. WOW! I'm glad you made it back to the ramp!

    I had my own motor issue... I didn't charge my battery and it wouldn't turn over... Good thing "Prez" lives 10 minutes from the ramp and had one on the charger!

    Stinks about your piston... Hang in there.
  8. steelheadBob

    steelheadBob Robs Guide Service

    we have no ideal what is going on with this engine, we took the lower u nit off and looked at the water pump and looks fine, im thinking that it has a cracked ring so my step-brother is coming over today to look at it, hes really good with boat motors....
    you have batt. problems like last week and im always having engine problems.. But no one said fishing is easy.. Glad to hear u guys got into some fish....
    I offered the guy 20 bucks for the gas and time him and his wife used to tow us but he refused... Now that is a true fisherman. About 15 guys past us by watching me and dee "row" our 20 footer back and he's the only one who stopped!!!
  9. I think the batteries are fine... My issues are DEFINITELY operator error!!! They'd be fine if I charged the darn things! DUH!!!!
  10. hey big daddy, get yourself a schumaker battery charger at wal mart. its like 17 dollars. when its done charging,it switches to floating.where i work we use these chargers,and its critical they work. the mechanics told me they go for 60 bucks under another name.some company. just plug it and don't worry.
  11. chaunc

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    Or you can try one of these. www.stayncharge.com I live in an apartment building that doesn't have an outside outlet. After i've charged my battery one time on a regular charger, this will allow me to keep it charged for months. Only takes me about 40 minutes to bring it back to full after a full day of fishing. 20 minute ride from the lake and 20 minute ride to the lake and its done. Been using one for 4 years now.