Portage Lakes 6/28/07

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  1. Had the pleasure of sharing the trip today with Chaunc, who came over from PA to catch a few redears and gills with me. Another great trip!

    We hit Turkeyfoot, just drifting with jigs tipped with waxies or crappie nibbles... Did OK on the panfish. 13 keeper redears and 9 slab crappies... I think those fish follow Chaunc around! I'm sure not complaining though!

    Crappies were suspended 8 ft down in 10-14 ft of water....

    Here are the pix! Ken, don't forget to tell them who's rod you caught the fish on!!! (wasn't mine!)



  2. Nice fish guys. Well done.

  3. nice fish big daddy you sure know that lake
  4. chaunc

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    Thanks for a great trip Carl. I owe you one over here in PA. The pole that was catching the crappies belongs to Pattie. She had a PINK tube jig on it.:eek: But that jig caught some slabs.:D And after further review... 15 redears were kept.
  5. WB185Ranger

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    Looks like you guys had a great day :) WB
  6. Sweet fish how big were the crappies?
  7. We kept 9 crappies between 10 and 13 1/2 inches... Chaunc caught the only Fish Ohio at 13 1/2, I had one at 12 3/4...:( Fillets look great though. Meat is still clear. Keep them on ice and they'll be nice!:D
  8. Great job. I have a pontoon boat with a electric motor on the front at the south end of Turkeyfoot on the east side of the island. I have been catching a number of smaller crappie trolling slow with a drop shot rig and 2" tails. Could you put an "X" on the water next time so I can find those big ones. Ha! Ha! Keep up the good work. I hope to see you out there some day!
  9. BigMha

    BigMha QQn 4 that "ONE" big fish

    which of the " 10 " lakes has the best shore line access? I see that Turkey foot has monster crappies but i'm coming from suburban cleveland and i want the best chance of catching some fish
  10. You must have a nice camera pictures are quality, very clear you can see all of the colors of fish very well. nice
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    Hey Carl, i took my buddy T.O. over to PL friday. Been promising him a trip for a whole year. He was very impressed with the lake and the fishing. We must have caught 60 fish but only kept 8 redears and 7 slab crappies. 2 were fish-ohio's. Fished the flag pole area and by the bouys. Wind picked up so we left early. Oh yeah, i had a nice bass hooked but he spit it when he jumped.
  12. Cool deal. I think the front that moved through slowed them down a bit... but glad to hear you guys managed some fish.
  13. Nimisila. Not specifically part of the portage lakes, but close. Most of the shoreline is public and near good fish.

    Next would probably be north, with most of the strech along state mill, some of the stretch at portage lakes drive, and most around the island public. Turkeyfoot has a bit of public access at the new state park. Limited fishing access at the old state park, which is mostly a boat ramp. A few spots on west that are questionable public/private. Long is mostly private, with a few spots on the north end if you can find safe/legal parking. Only spots on east are near main street. Most, it not all, of the smaller lakes (rex, mud, hower) are private from the shorelines.

    If I'm shorebound, I hit nimisila. Just watch out the the "men in bushes".
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    I KNEW I SAW A BEAR ON 76 ON FRIDAY.... that red lund plastered with microspoons.com stickers sticks out on the highway like nobodies business lol i was wondering where you were going :D