Portage Lakes 5/24/07

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  1. Hit P.L's today and had problem after problem. First, my starting battery was dead because i forgot to charge it since I have been fishing Nimi., then my trolling motor died because i also forgot to charge it, then my main fishfinder went hay wire and stopped working, what a bummer. Still got two for my troubles before I left, one on a chatterbait and one on a rattletrap. I saw a guy throwing a spinner bait on the points, hook and land two big ones in the 4 pound class on my way out. Still beats working or school but now I got some boats issues to work out.:D
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  2. A bad day on the water always beats working.

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    Those aren't big issues. Just take your time and put a good solid charge on those batteries and you'll see. The locator just didn't have enough power to run. ;)