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  1. is anyone else struggling on portage this year? i've been on the lake 7 times and only caught 4 bass. this is unusual. i don't know if it's me or if the lake is off. i would appreciate any andvise or comment. thanks
  2. ncraft150

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    Everyone Ive talked to includiong myself is struggling there. Even the winners of last weekends tourny told me they struggled every time they have been out there. Hopefully I can turn things around this weekend!!!


    JTRESS consistently confused

    I thought it was me!!!
    Been there 5 times so far, caught a few.
    water is still pretty stained, it gets that dark tint to it at portage. The water temp is climbing but I think it went from cold to warm a bit to fast. There are a lot of fish just swimming around like they are in shock. One thing is for sure, Hankins is catching them in his new boat!!!
  4. heading out there today . hope the weather holds up. if i do good im staying out, but i was told that the crappie are hitting at mogadore. close to the shores. on minnows///
  5. Who is Hankins?
  6. Ed Hankins!! He has won some tourneys and championships around N.E. Ohio for the last 10 years. He and his partner won lastweek at Bad Bass Champs-Mosquito. His partner is Cullin' the are both "bass pimps"! - www.dobass.com
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    Ask Ed if he remembers going to camp Temple Grove when he was 15 or so? Just wondering if thats the guy i taught to bass fish at their pond.:p
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    Cullin and Hankins are two of the premier Ohio tourny fisherman. They are usually in the money or not far behind.
  9. Has the water turned over there yet, if it is that willmake the bite tough there.
  10. markfish

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    i went to portge.sat.at 10.30 2nd cast fish on.fish the wind and the cold.and it payed off with 18 bass in the boat lost 3 left.at 3pm love the cold windy day;s :B
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    hey, does anybody happen to know the water temp. at portage? And, when do the wednesday niters start there?
  12. they start 1st Wed of May
  13. its all those shad that are dying right now the fish are just too well fed,which is a good thing in the long run cuz that just means theyre gonna get bigger.but the fish are in there.
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    Was at Portage Saturday night until dark, found water temps anywhere from 50 to 53.6 except for the nimisilla canal that was 48. (and smelly.):) The ones I did catch were fat and heavy..... Ed Hankins is Fishing with Matt Oakes in the Bad Bass Tournaments. and taking our money:p Pretty nice guys though.
  15. First of all thanks for the accolades. Deserving or not I'll take 'em!:D

    J Tress is correct, Eddie is fishing Bad Bass with Matt Oakes.
    I'm fishing the NOAA with Eddie.

    I fished Mosquito with Matt Evans. Hankins and Oakes were kind enough to leave a couple for us.:p We ended up 4th.
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    Thats allways colder it has springs in it
  17. Ive been fishing Long Lake for the past couple weeks and just finally today caught my first nice bass...
  18. thanks for all the input y'll. all is well now finally got on some nice ones.