Portage lake off state mill rd

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  1. First time on lake off state mill rd, beautiful small lake with great shoreline, but did miserable last night, :S ......tried almost everything in the box. fished from about 5 30 till dark, anyone out there familiar with this portage lake? I believe its the most northern of the portage lakes, sits between statemil and portage trail, thanks:
  2. Welcome to the site Boone!!! Hey just start scrolling back some pages and read what Portage Lakes has to offer. These are the best bass lakes in Ohio----BAR NONE! Read and enjoy! There are about 9 lakes connected by channels.

  3. I assume you were near the boat launch on State Mills. That is North Res. Division 3 ODNR offices are on the peninsula on this lake accessible from Portage Lakes Drive.

    I have fished North with good success in the spring for crappie. There is a stump bed in about 4-6 fow, straight out from the launch about 75 yards that has always been productive for crappie on minnows right after ice out.
  4. my cousin lives on that lake have fished it often mostly small bass but the odd biggie he caught his biggest last week a 6 pounder 22 inches:B
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    North is one of my favorite lakes when I only have a couple hours to fish. There are a lot of small fish, but there are some monsters in there also. The Summit County record largemouth came from there 6 or 7 years ago at 10#. Ive caught numerous 3#ers and a handful of 4 and 5#ers there. Get in the thick stuff and you will catch fish.
  6. I caught a 7lb bass their last night. The only one but well worth it. Maybe you can PM me and we can go out together.