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Portage Lake East Reservoir

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by BIgbassin07, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. I will be heading to the East Reservoir this Sunday with my family. I was hoping for some fishing tips for this lake since it will be my first time fishing the area. I am planning on bringing worms, minnows and crayfish for bass. Any other ideas based on the fish in the area. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Happy Fishing!!!
  2. I was out last Sunday and found a great screen in the cove just to the northwest of the speed lane. There is as ridge that runs pretty much northwest from the sppedzone sign to the first point (closest to Burch's).

    Fish were suspending 8-11 ft over 13-18 fow. Tubes (red head/ylw tail) tipped with red worms worked best for us. Bunch of small gills, a few big, but am still looking for the secret of catching lunch.

    Hope this makes sense and helps.


  3. do you know what kind of fish are in the east reservoir?
  4. There is every type of gill, crappie, and largemouth. I have heard there are tiger musky possible because it is actually part of the same water system as Turkeyfoot.

  5. Most freshwater species in area lakes are also in the 'main' chain of the portage lakes, which east is part of.

    More likely:

    bluegill (pure, pumpkinseed, readear), rock bass/warmouth sunfish (some big ones near the island), crappie, lm bass, carp, yellow perch, channel/bullhead catfish.

    Less likely, but present in a few numbers:

    Walleye/saugeye, gar pike

    Rare, but maybe a few there:

    Muskie (tiger, pure)

    I normally fish deeper water in east since the numerous docks (shoreline structure) are hammered by tournament bass fisherman, except early or very late in the season (november/december).

    You can go to the southeast corner of east to fish miller lake for panfish & bass. I have also had luck in the little backwater section between long and east, near the road to the northeast. Some decent bass in the slop that's probably there now.