Portage 6/4/08

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  1. Fished LM's from 5pm till about 8pm. Ended up with 8, all at 2lbs, besides 1 dink. Caught 4 off of one dock. As soon as the sky's opened up, the bite slowed. Lot of fun though! Anyone know how much weight won the tourny there tonight?
  2. 14 Pounds won it. I heard Big Fish was 7 Pounds. I was a spectator for 4 hours catching nothing but throw backs.


  3. My son Nick and I fished it... We caught 6 all together, the first 3 were keepers. One was a solid 2 1/2 lbs... And you're right.... the skies cleared and it was like turning off a switch...
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    Can anyone confirm a 7 pounder I've talked to a few people who fished it and they never mentioned it.
  5. Not at this tourney but i can confirm a 7 pounder, actually 8 something. Saw a guy pullin away last year he asked me if there was a taxidermist close, showed me fish in his livewell he said 8.7, had to be 2 close if not more, first glance i thought it was a carp. Caught on spinnerbait, hard to fish them its Very weedy lake , atleast were i fish. Always lots of people, i didn't want to say i've seen one that big cuz theres already 2 many people there, but i can confirm a 7 pounder atleast.
  6. Don't know if it was me you saw out with my dad last year but my dad landed a largemouth that weighed 7.13. Got it in Rex lake on a boo-ya spinner double colorado blade.
  7. Biggest fish I saw weighed in was 5.24...
  8. 5.4 - that's a real nice bass for portage lakes..........especially with all the pressure it gets!
  9. Hey bass tracker were u asking about where to get it mounted? My reply was put it in cooler with ice then put it in freezer until u could get to taxidermist? U said u would have to clean the boat and ur dad caught the big one, i looked at it in your livewell?
  10. If it was a red basstracker boat that was me. Whenever I take dad out i am always stuck cleaning the boat.
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    Next time take a picture of it, measure it, and have a replica made that will last longer than one done up by a taxidermist. The replica will be cheaper, look better, and last longer. Best of all you won't be killing a trophy, but letting it go to grow, and spawn more trophies with his dna Next year the another guy will be able to do the same thing. Gee, maybe in 10 or so years she will grow bigger yet and maybe your kid or grand-kid might catch it. Not if its in your ice chest.
    just my two and a half cents worth.
    don m
  12. Did someone say pictures? No giants, but me and Nick had fun. We'll be back a week from Wednesday...



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    Nice fish Nick! Way to go!!!

  14. I understand were ur coming from Don, but if a man wants to put his fish on the wall, thats his choice. All i do is catch and release, except walleye and perch, but my lake trout above my fireplace i caught in wyoming is real and i wouldn't want a replica instead. Its a different feeling if you know its fake anybody know what i mean? Respect ur opinion though Don, just dont want anybody to think its wrong to do this.
  15. Agree with you magnus. Dad could not look at is wall at a replica. Its not like he has every fish he ever caught on the wall, just that one. I do however respect eveyones opinion.