Portabella Mushrooms

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  1. Looking for a easy on the grill recipie to cook portabella mushrooms.
  2. All I do is rub the caps with olive oil, then pour a little olive oil in the gills with garlic salt. Grill the cap side first , then the gill side, it will flare up when turned. When done, melt a little provolone on the gill side. If you want to get fancy, a little crab meat stuffing on the gills before the cheese.:)

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    I do about the same, except I buy the olive oil in a spray can and use it that way. Seems easier to spray on compared to brushing it or rubbing it on. After grilling these, try them on a big burger with cheese melted over it. Yum, I am going to go cook up a snack.
  4. I have marinated them in Italian dressing and cooked them on the grill and they are pretty good.
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    Wipe them clean and marinate at least one hour in Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki...taste like candy after a slow, low heat grill session (20mins)...be careful not to burn.
  6. Remove the stem. Use olive oil, wishbone italian dressing and fresh pressed garlic as marinade. Half hour marinade is good.

    Dice up uncooked walleye with some onion, garlic, sprinkle of old bay, fresh ground black pepper and add a small amount of olive oil. Place this on mushroom gill side up, place on med grill and cover. Add your favorite cheese (swiss, asiogo or blue cheese) after about 8 minutes.

    Salad side.....good to go.