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Pork loin in the smoker!!

Discussion in 'OGF Kitchen' started by twistertail, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. Did a small pork loin roast on Saturday and it was the best thing I have done yet. Used the same rub I used on the ribs the week before and smoked it for about 2 hours. The inside temp was about 150 and I didnt want it to get too dry so I wrapped it in foil and put on the grill for about 15 minutes to get it up to 170. Man this was by far the best thing I have done in the smoker yet, getting a whole pork loin for this weekend to do.
  2. smoked Pork loin is amazing. I have never had a problem with it drying out. I have a pan that you can put into the bottom of the smoker. I usually put apple juice and some apples down there but you can put most anything. The steam from the juice keeps it from drying out. Also try salmon on the smoker I onle have one word for the salmon amazing!

  3. BBJ,
    I love to use apple juice in the water & pork are a natural!...It's also all I use when smoking brisket for 10 hours & I haven't been disappointed yet!
  4. Yes my smoker has a water pan in it also and I have used apple juice for ribs before but just had water in it for the loin but will do the juice next time.