pop-up or travel trailer? any advice?

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    Hello everyone, My wife and i have been tent camping all our lives and want to buy our first rv. we aren't sure if we should buy a pop-up that we can store at home or buy a travel trailer and pay for storage. we intend to travel to a variety of campgrounds and think it would be a hassle every weekend to go and fetch our travel trailer and bring it home for maint., cleaning, or just to load it up and head out. we are finding out a new pop-up and a used or lower end new trailer are about the same price. anyone have some real advice?
  2. Give Kamper City a call... Paul (OGF member pabaker) is the GM. He can discuss the options for you on whatever you may be looking for.

    Be sure to let them know you're a member of OGF!!!! ;)

    You can also PM him, he checks in here daily...

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    I'll second that, Pabaker can help you with your decision. Though I haven't purchased from his business, he graciously and willingly provided me with good infomation to help with my purchase. ;)
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    Hi Oh-Out/man, You have some other questions your going to ask yourself first. Do you have a boat that you are going to want to launch near your campsite? Might you buy a boat in the future? My wife and I bought a real nice popup camper with two full size beds and A/C. We did a lot of changes to the design to make it more pleasurable for us. For $35 we put in an electric wench so we don't have to crank it up and down by hand. We added masonite to all the non covered surfaces(under beds and seat cushions. We bought a really good heater(Buddy makes a great one 18000btu) that can cook you out in the coldest weather.
    Now we have a bass boat. If we want to boat fish while we are camping it is a two trip or two tow vehickle trip. We are now looking for an R/V to pull the boat and do both the thing we love together. As far as Parking an R/V at home. There are plenty of inexpensive options on the market in the arena of portable storage or garage protection for your R/V. It is sweet having all your gear loaded and ready to go. Just add water.
    I know this was wordy but I hope it helps. We got a really good deal at Clays R/V. Just another option for shopping around for the best bang for your bucks.
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  5. I've had a pop up at home for two years and love it. It gets to live in our one car garage while the cars stay outside. Pop ups are nice except for the actually popping up and down parts. ;) I found mine on a Great Lakes area camping forum and drove to Michigan to get her. I found the prices up that way to be about a thousand dollars less than in the Dayton, Ohio area.

    I've been thinking a truck camper would be a better option for us, especially once we get a boat. That would fix the two tow vehicle issue, but brings up a storage problem since it wouldn't fit in the garage. Decisions, decisions.

    Good luck with whatever you decide. It's GREAT to get off the ground and out of the tent. :)
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    with gas prices and having a boat i just bought a truck camper it only weighs 1300lbs pretty lite going to pick it up saturday in eastern pa.it has everything i need for going camping in a little more comfort.ill get my money back in gas savings i was looking at motorhomes but 7-12 mpg thats a NO CAN DO i think with the camper and boat on the back of my truck ill get 15-18 mpg i hope
  7. hey get a hold of me and we can discuse your option for a pop up ot travel trailer, first you will need to know what you vehicle will tow, second how many you want to sleep. there are not to many other dealer that can beat what KAMPER CITY offers with the price and options. any one that has a written quote from another dealer should bring it and i will match it on a like unit.

    paul baker
  8. i have a 1963 apache eagle, the box is 5 x 7 closed up, sleeps four comfortably, and weighs only 400 pounds. It actually helps my gas mileage cause I drive slower with it. Of course, theses campers are very rare to come by.... but they are amazing, and great campers!
  9. Something else about pop-ups...get the biggest one your tow vehicle and storage will allow. For two adults, a dog, various friends, and future kids we went with a 12 footer and are very glad we did. A lot of people start with a little 8 foot box and soon find out it's very tight. And, especially if there are kids in the mix, the more room the better.