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Pop-up/Linked Text/Browser Problem

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by dan8402, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. I recently got some kind of spyware or something of that kind on my computer. When I go to certain websites, parts of text are linked that were not in the past. I am also getting quite a few popups, all the same kind, that I have not gotten before. The popup stopper that I use does not stop them. I also had my homepage changed, which I changed back and hasn't been any more of a problem. I have had links added to my favorites list, mostly porn. Last of all, it has changed the settings on my browser so that the buttons at the top of the screen have changed from my settings back to what I think may be the default (such as search, favorites, history, etc...). Even if I change them, they go back to default with the next browser I open. So, heres the question. What the heck is going on with my computer? Does anyone know what I have on my computer, and does anyone know how to git rid of it?
  2. try going to your control panel and back date your computer, I do it on mine but I dont know how to explain it without doing it.

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    I've been having same problems. Ad-aware and spybot find/remove lots of stuff but apparently not everything. Damn the scum that pirates my 'puter. Just had another online poker popup while typing this and I JUST ran both Ad-Aware in deep scan and Spybot not 3 minutes ago.
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  5. I posted on the website, hopefully they should help. But for now, thank you guys for your help.
  6. Here are a few suggestions to try.

    1. Try running the Spybot and Ad-aware in the safe mode. Often times the spyware loads itself in memory and then regenerates itself upon the next restart. By running in safe mode they will not load themselves in memory.
    2. Look at your Add/Remove Programs and see if any of these pesky spyware programs show up in there and if so select the remove for them. Sometimes they do actually create a setup script that will allow for uninstalling.
    3. Switch to Firefox. This is the most beneficial tip that I can give but unfortunately it may not fully benefit you until you remove the spyware that is already on your system. Firefox is another internet browser that you can use in place of Internet Explorer. IE simply has too many vulnerabilities to spyware. These risks are virtually non-existent with Firefox. I have been running it for nearly a year now and I don't think that I have had a single spyware removal when checking it on Ad-aware.
  7. I'll tell you what we have had more trouble in the last 6 months with our computer than anyone we know. My wife talked to this IT guy at her work and he recommended we get this program called Spysweeper. We have norton antivirus and that ad-aware but they found nothing. We got the spysweeper prgram (costs $25 at Micro-center) It found all kinds of crap on our computer even a virus that norton didn't find. We now run a scan about every 4 or 5 days and find all types of stuff that the others don't find. Our computer now runs smooth as a babys butt.
  8. I guarantee you will not find all of those things every week if you run Firefox. It is free and I actually prefer it over IE now. There is not much difference between operating them.
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    ^ what bkr43050 said.....
    i hate even opening M$ IE
    my wife is taking an online course and sometimes things dont work
    in FFox.... i cringe when she cruises in IE....
    FF is so much more 'tweakable' (read extensions)
    activeX..... ppfffffffftttttt