Poor Man's Crappies

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  1. I'm trying to target some Rock bass aka the Poor Man's Crappie. Always catch them when trying for other species, wondering if there's any particular way to just target some stream Rock Bass.

    Going out Tuesday night at a local flow to pick up some eaters. If you haven't ate Rock Bass before they're actually pretty good despite what others say. A lil more muscular than a panfish, a lil more of a gamey taste, but a lot of the same white clean taste when fried. Always a good bonus fish In my opinion to eat.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Capital outdoorsman

    Capital outdoorsman day late, dollar short

    more power to ya. We always caught em on night crawlers. Haven't tried to eat one since I was about 12 though. I wouldn't call em poor man's crappies, the taste can't even be compared.

  3. Homeless Man's Crappies????:p or alcoholic Bums' Crappies???
    and really, if you deep fry anything, it's pretty good. Including Bull Testicles. If you see Field Osters on a menu. Don't eat em!!!
  4. seethe303

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    one day I took a small slip bobber and some night crawlers and dropped it in every hole I found on the tangy behind antrim. I probably caught 20+ rock bass.

  5. yeah. I'm starting to think of tossing a crawler with a float and just let it float on down stream till it passes me, then repeat.
  6. Small spinner always works well for me. In the creek behind my parents' house I can catch 10-15 Rock Bass in about a half an hour. I've been using one of those small Blue Fox spinners. Rock Bass...always fun especially when you need that quick fix of catching fish.
  7. symba

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    Last weekend i tied on some GULP! 3" crawdads on a jighead. I swear it was crack cocaine for rock bass! Slammed about 8 in a single hole.

    Im surprised you dont just try your "drag a jig w/ white curly tail on the bottom for saugeye" method for rock bass. I have always done well on RB with that method.
  8. that is my only method of fishing. dragging a twister tail. lol

    I've actually had more luck letting a berkley power worm float down the current than with a twister tail. I might try that, and I have some crappie spinner baits (road runners???) that I might try. Always get hits from Rock Bass numerous times out, just hardly land them.
  9. I caught a couple yesterday while fishing for smallies in the Licking river with a purple and white rooster tail.They were pretty big 7-8 inches

  10. are those the rooster tails with the treble hook and spinning blade on them?? if so, I just bought three this past weekend, haven't thrown them yet
  11. Yup.I either use purple/black and white cuz it mimics those little black sucker minnows that smallies love.Or I'll use a orange/brown/yellow (crawfish color)I swear by rooster tails
  12. I swear by twister tail jigs, thus is why I figured I would toss some rooster tails soon. Thanks for advice, I'll try that out.
  13. Good luck.I don't eat em but they make awesome flathead bait:B
  14. crittergitter

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    I have caught them on charteruesse rooster tails. I like 1/8 oz. I caught one that went 10"s earlier this year. I thought it was a nice smallie. It was released to fight again someday.


  15. that's why I'm trying to track a few down. Since no one seems to eat them, I figure I wouldn't offend anyone in cleaning a few up. I've ate them with panfish before, and they weren't that bad. Just a lil gamey. Actually, half are going to a dinner for myself, and half are going to my cat for some raw meat action.
  16. D'arcy Egan was catchin them yesterday at the Rock and Roll hall of fame on Erie.They kept some for dinner too.
  17. Bubba bass bigfoot

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    i dont catch a thing on rooster tails.
    I remember catching one fish on a rooster tail. It was a white bass about 10inches. Other than that nothing.
  18. striperfreak

    striperfreak stripes and smallies

    the scioto and olentangy are loaded with rockbass, they seem to hold out of the current more than smallmouth. Livebait, i would go with worms, a 1/8 oz sinker with a salty craw catches alot for me when bass fishing. I have ate them before and they were very good. Firmer than crappie, tastier than bluegill.
  19. The best way to catch lots of rock bass would be just fish like you were after smallies but maybe downsize a little. They will eat anything but seem to prefer small craws. Small finess tubes on a 1/16 or 3/32 oz jig head in green pumpkin or other natural colors is almost a garentee to knock um dead. Ps in you can sein up some craws just throw the smaller ones on a hook below a bobber an drift them and the bigger ones the same thing but just use the tail meat. give it a try and good luck
  20. thanks for all the posts guys. Didn't know if I would get much help on catching some Poor Man's Crappies.

    Seems like a lot of you smallie fishermen hate Rock Bass. So I'll take some off your hands for you! :p

    I'll try a lot of what was recommended on here Tuesday Night. I'll post any pictures of the results wednesday morning.

    Thanks again OGF