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  1. To all that own a pontoon and fish hoover, I've been looking at the option of getting a pontoon for next year (I would sell my 14.5 foot sea nymph) and was wondering what I should expect in docking fees. l would like to join the Buckeye Boat Club but it seems like there is a mile long waiting list. So what type of fees should I be expecting? I would like to dock somewhere in the middle section not by the damn.

    Also what kind of pontoons do you all have. Show off some pics of your Pontoon. I just started looking and would love to see what you have so I can get an idea of what is out there. Put some specs of your pontoon as well.

    Thanks in advance!
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    i don't own a toon,but have a couple buddies who do,and belong to the club.i'm not sure of dock space in the middle pool,but general rates are somewhere in the neighborhood of $450 a year,maybe more now.
    a good way to get past the waiting list at the club is to buy a boat from a current member.that bumps you to the top of the list and gets you in pretty quick.my buddy toad just did that this year.i think total cost up front with club fees,dock fees,etc will probably run you well over $1000.and probably $600 - $700 per year,after that.
    as for style of boat,you want a setup that is fishing friendly.that's fishing seats on the front,fold down bimini top,rod holders ,etc.basically what you'd have on any fishing rig.a layout that is easy to move around on without crawling over people,seats,tables etc.
    a trolling motor would be handy.18 feet would be suitable,and my choice,but if you want to take a gang or just want lots of extra room,go bigger.remember the 9.9 hp limitation when sixe shopping.
    toad bought a boat that has the standard bench type seating,table and a hardtop,all of which make it less fishing friendly imo,but we all have different things we're looking for.

  3. In my opinion, the pontoon club wait is too long and a bit expensive. Also hard to get over there. I keep my boat at the dam. Slip fee is 490 per year. If you want to stake your toon in the middle section it is 190 for the year. This is May 1st through October 31st. At the dam you have a locked gate so noone messes with your boat,l
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    There is one more spot in the cove next to Redbank ramp that has a small dock and room for about 25-30 boats. Not 100% sure, but I believe those docks like the ones at the dam are operated by the city and it is done on some kind of lottery system each year.

    Anyone chime in on this?
  5. speaking of the 9.9 limit, i have heard of some people that have 15-18 hp motors that have 9.9 cowlings on them. not that i am advocating such behavior but just as info eh? mebbe even heard thru the grapevine of a source of such motors....

    once again, just as info!
  6. Good to hear of your interest in the BBC. Suggest you go to buckeyeboatclub.org and you can see what we're all about and find answers to most of your questions. There are a couple of boats For Sale there, but they might not get you in right away unless the seller is giving up their dock. Also you'll see an "Application for membership" which gets the process started. We go by date of application. As Rick stated, the fastest way in is to buy a members boat who is giving up their dock.

    I believe all docks at dam and Red bank are sold for the year, but don't know about stakes. You must enter the system by going to dam for a year before you can enter Red Bank lottery, which is held in April. You can contact Craig Seeds at Rec. & Parks for full information.

    We hope we have the pleasure of seeing you join the BBC.

    Jim Horan
  7. Thanks to all that replyed it's been alot of help! None of these prices seem to crazy to me. I fish hoover now so the way I see it I'm still getting out cheaper than if I had a big gas guzzling motor and fished non-restricted lakes.

    Jim,Rick, Thanks for the info about the BBC. I've been on the website several times and it sounds like somthing my family and I would be interested in. My wifes grandfather was a member long ago and my wife remembers going there as a kid. I'm not in the need for a dock this year as I'll won't be getting rid of my boat till the end of the year. I'll be in the market for a pontoon in the fall to winter next year, unless what fits our needs comes along and we can't pass up a deal. Thanks again! Jim is there anyway to go to the BBC and look around, or is that discouraged?
  8. Since we have a locked coded gate, you'd need to have someone meet you and show you around. That fellow would be our Membership Chair, Gene Wise. I believe his contact info is on the web site. Look forward to seeing you at the club.

    Long Barbels
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    I have seen it. Since they are all about the same size motors. The only way to check is to look at the model plate, but sometimes that doesn't always tell you.
  10. It is stamped right on my carboreator. I have one but put the restrictor on it which has a tab that comes out the topof the carb that shows its new rateing. Guess you could always drill out the center of the restrictor. So i guess if you think the stickers are all ya need if you are raceing around a quick look at the carb is all it takes and ranger Wreckma Day has you. on a johnson motor thats how it is set up anyways.