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Pontoon boat rental

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by CactusRuss, May 26, 2007.

  1. I'd like to take my family out on a pontoon boat on a large lake for the day. Some fishing would be done, but I'd like to just tool around the lake for awhile too. Does anyone know of any lakes that rent pontoon boats, and what they might cost to rent for the day? I'm in Cincinnati, and would like to stay within 2 hours of home. Tanks in advance!
  2. Rob

    Rob Crappietracker

    I know South Shore Marina at Cowan lake does. Get lots of minnows, the Crappie are hitting


  3. what size boat? they rent small pontoons at winton woods. we have gone down to london dock which is where cumberland river and rockcastle river come together flowing into lake cumberland.they have 24-25' boats that were renting for $125 for 12 hrs plus fuel.they also have a good package where you get a cabin and a boat from thurs. - sun but i cant recall how much it was.try to google london dock,i know they have a website. hope that helps
  4. yeah winton woods, sharon woods, and miami whitewater all rent out smaller pontoon boats by the hour. you could get it for two hours or however many you want to though. You can also call ahead of time and reserve the pontoons for a certain time period. Id suggest renting at winton woods, the lake is much bigger than the other two and the fishing is alot better.
  5. Red The Fisherman

    Red The Fisherman River Rambler

    Paint Creek does. Nice place to bring the family too!