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  1. When I was coming back up 77 from turkey hunting last weekend, I noticed some nice looking small lakes/large ponds from the interstate. One in particular is at the Strausburg exit with some white floats in it. The other was up by the Zoar exit. Anyone know if these are worth trying or if they are even accessible?
  2. all I know is that I've seen people skiiing on that lake with the white buoys if its the one I'm thinking about. Is there an island towards the middle?

    Does the other one have houses at the edge? If so. I remember driving down to cambridge years agao and that was a field. Over the years it has turned into a pond/lake.

  3. i work down around zoar one day a week and have been told that pond is
  4. Come to think of it, I think I once saw someone skiing on the one by the Straus. exit. I have no idea if it's private or not. The one by Zoar is just north of the exit if you're coming up 77-no houses there I can see. It's right next to the river and may be some kind of flood comtrol lake??
  5. they are all private lakes...don t get caught!!!!!the one in bolivar is owned by 4 business men from there...family only allowed. ones along 77 private and they won t let you fish,i tryed before.
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    Don't know whether the one at the Zoar exit is private or not but I believe that is part of the Tuscarawas River and Erie Canal that is more of an oxbow or overflow lake. I've seen canoers on there before, probably from the canoe pickup and dropoff area right at the exit on the river.

    The other lake near the Stausburg exit is used as a waterskiing course but I dont' know that it's private. Must have a launch of some sort since they have to get those ski boats in there somehow.

    Anybody from that area have some input?

  7. have fished them all...all are private!!! stras. one was owned by gene wallick of wallick scrap metals and a family friend so i fished it weekly as a kid...now i think bob -formerly bobs ski shop in dover owns it...they will call sherriff!!!:C