Ponds across the RailRoad tracks from The Airforce Museum

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  1. When I was smaller, my dad took me to these two ponds that were across from the Airforce museum on the other side of the Railroad tracks. They were always nice lakes because the mad river fed them. I always remeber them having plently of decent sized fish as well.

    I went a coulpe of days ago to see them and to possibly fish them. I walked down to the far pond where the river comes in. You can stand on a metal bridge and fish for crappie. I noticed some unusual things. First off the water was almost a greenish color with what looked like some sort of residue floating on the water, had an unusual smell to it. Second when I casted out my line came back with what felt like oil or some kind of petrolium based susbstance on it. Third, I caught a coule of crappie within a few minuets of being there. The crappie had a real strong smell and little red bumps all over them. I let the fish go and cut my line off that had been in contact with the wate.

    Anyone have anyclue what happened or what is up with these ponds. Im thinkin about giving the EPA a call and see if they have any knowledge about what is up.
  2. Sounds pretty nasty. Haven't actually been there myself, I thought those ponds were private property.

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    Those ponds are all part of the Dayton Well Fields. Dont let em catch you in there:) There are actually like 8-10 ponds over there. This is all private property, and they actually took over a section of the mad, but there is still a prive section closest to the air force museum. as for the substance in the water, all i can think of is something they are using in the well fields. check this link out and you will see. (wpafb museum in lower right hand corner)

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    If they are well fields, man, they will almost hang you on the spot for being there. Ever since 9/11 they've taken that to an all new level, from what I've heard.
  5. I didn't see any signs in reference to no Tresspassing. There was a worker for the well field that saw me back there and he didn't say anything to me. They did have a fence at the south pond blocking access. Still if they were using something in the well fields would they just be allowed to dump it into them. These lakes are not joined with the others. These two lakes are divived by the mad river which runs between them and the other well field lakes.
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    I Looked at the map again and i see what you are taling about, you may want to call the epa, it could be a totally seperate business, cant hurt anythin,
  7. I tired email the EPA but keep getting a delivery notification error. I think its because when you click on their email link it directs you to yahoo mail, and im using msn mail. Other than that they have a million numbers on their web cite so really not sure which one to call. Im getting ready for work now so ill see what i can find out tomorrow.
  8. Ive fished those ponds a couple times in the past, I have never seen any no trespassing signs either. Let us know what you end up finding out about this I am curious.
  9. DAP Industries used to own these ponds.I used to fish them also 25 years ago.My daughter's fiance went about 2 months ago and caught some BIG bass( 2-6 lbs).He had to use a canoe to fish for them because there is no room from the bank.
  10. if ur correct about DAP used to owning some of that property u can almost garuntee that theres some nasty stuff in there. Even though there is no signs you could still be tresspassing so id tread carefully and def watch ur step cause DAP dumped some nasty stuff on the lands they owned from what i remember.
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    What did you do with the fishing line you cut off? Hope you didn't leave it there with an empty worm tub.
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    Are you guys talking about the "green" pond you can see from Route 4?

    The EPA number to call is 1-800-282-9378. They will respond, but I hope you get more satisfaction than I did when I called. There's what I believe to be an old storm/sewer discharge structure in Snyder Park, Springfield that definately has raw sewage flowing out of it into Buck Creek. It's not hard to smell. The gravel bar below it is coated with effluence, and I've seen dead fish floating in the outlet. Ironic part is it's a very popular fishing spot for good reason...it's full of fish. Not just carp and suckers...if you watch for a bit, you'll see walleye, largemouth, smallmouth, gills, and crappie cruise by. I can't image wetting a line in it, let alone touching anything you caught. But...lotsa folks do.

    Anyhow...I called, they investigated, I followed up on my report. Was told very politely that yes it was in violation of the clean water act, but fines would take away from the City's ability to correct the problem. Case closed. That was a couple years ago. To date, the hole still stinks like turds, and folks still line up to fish it. I tried.
  13. i fished those ponds frequently when i was growing up. yes DAP used to own them and the south pond used to be much bigger, from what i heard they filled lots of it in with all kinds of contaminated scrap metal from GM sometime in the 70's, i wouldnt eat anything out of them ponds! that green mess in the upper north pond has been there for th past 10-12 years, dont think they let water in there anymore. man, i might have to grab my ultralite and waxies and hit it up this weekend, been a long time! used to be full of smaller crappies and bullheads. BTW, i think you are ok fishing those ponds, the ones they will string you up for tresspassing on are the ones on Rohrer's Island (about 15 lakes/ponds) between the two channels of the Mad.
  14. Man I just dont remember the water being that green color. I work for Montgomery Co and did some asking around today. Come to find out like you are all saying DAP dumped alot of stuff in those lakes along with the Airbase. An old MP from the base said they had orders quite afew times to drop off big drums to those lakes. He said it was some sort of deal with DAP. I dont know much about DAP but would it be like DAP Corning? the silicone type co? And no I didnt leave my line laying around, i pick up all my leftovers and other people's too.

    If its been like this for a while why has no on reported it and why would they not post signs for contamination?

    Whiper Swiper what green lake from RT 4 would you be refering to?
  15. The green pond off route four is just west of eastwood and is not the one we are talking about. The green pond of route four is located where rt 4 crosses stanley / findlay street. I've heard all kinds of stories about what is in the green pond but I haven't been able to find anything deffinative. The best story Ive heard is it containes lye. don't know though, if anybody knows for certain post it up because I have always been curious. What I find interesting is that google maps shows shows eastwood MP as covering eastwood lake, the two lakes across the tracks from WPAFB the river and the island with all the small ponds on it. Gonna have to go research some more.
  16. The green pond is a lime pit. Back in the 70's the pit was so post to be a gravel pit, well the guy hit a lime deposit and it filled in lime. There are a bunch of companys in the dayton area that use the lime from the pit
  17. from what i heard from my great-grandfather it was a gravel pit that was dug around the 1930's, then was a pay-lake until the 60's, and then the city filled it in with lye. said he used to fish there. up until 1990 (when they started dredging the lye and selling it) there was actually just a very tiny spot where there was water on the east end. as kids we rode our bikes over there once and seen fish swimming in it....YES FISH! dont know what they were but were pretty big and swam in a school and wouldnt hit anything, must be carp.