Pond Ice Condition

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  1. I want to do some ice fishing on a local pond these next two weekends. I haven't been out to check the ice, what do you guys think about the thickness with all this snow melting lately? Would it be worth my time to check it out? Thanks.
  2. BOO

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    My buddy hit a pond yesterday and said it had 8 inches of ice still. Were gonna try it today should be enough ice, just be safe

  3. castmaster00

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    fish it thursday. thats the end of this warm spell and it should be nice and melted by then. what are you going for? oh and how big is the pond?
    that could have a big effect on how the ice has melted.
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  4. cast, i was looking to do ice fishing. but i am guessing that it is melted by now? i will be doing some channel catting on friday night, sound like a waste of time to anyone? thanks for all the help guys
  5. castmaster00

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    i dont understand you ice fisherman. you guys actually enjoy sitting on your butts in the middle of winter in a little house on an unsafe frozen lake:confused: you can keep that i am a warm weather angler.bass dont like the cold so neither do i:p
  6. I wouldn't try it...............................Rich
  7. I was like you too until I gave it a try. Don't knock it until you try it. But be careful you too may become addicted like so many others.:D;)
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    Cast, do you think bass don't eat in the winter under the ice? I seen 7lb and 8lb bass caught through a hole on the ice.You need the keep the crankbaits at home, but Sweedish Pimples, Sonars,Vib-E's and Jigging Rapalas will catch bass through the ice.................Mark
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    My best days for bass at portage are usually in the winter. This year only a few. One of my biggest largemouths came out of rex lake 2 winters ago. I've seen some tanks caught at nimisila threw the ice also. Bass love the cold, and so do I.
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    The pond by my work had crappy white ice on it yesterday, today it's gone all open water, this lake is spring fed though.