Pond fishing yesterday 4/2/08

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by jkeeney20, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Hit a pond yesterday from 5-dark, caught 8 bass all around 2-3 lbs (biggest was 3lb 2oz) Started out with the usual crankbaits, plastic worms, jig, etc... with not a bite. Had some crappie minnows (wanted to see if there were any crappie in there) so thought forget bass fishing I'll try crappie. After about 15 min of that I realized i needed to put a slip bobber and hook on my bass poll. All the bass wanted live minnows. Amazing how that works sometimes. Got a few pics I'll add later tonight if I can.
  2. did you just leave the bobber out there, or were you moving the bait around?

  3. The key was letting it set still for a while. I was in shallow water at first were I could see a few bass. I threw the bait out and 3 different bass came right to the minnow and just looked at it for like 2-3 minutes and than all of a sudden one would grab it. I than moved to deeper water where I couldn't see and did the same thing, which in tern resulted in more bass. Guess its the same concept as dead sticking with jerkbaits!
  4. have you had any luck deadsticking?