Pond fish think its spring

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Big Joshy, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. stopped by a neighborhood pond for just a few minutes today with good results. Its a drainage pond and it had a decent flow coming into it with warmer water. The water was cloudy but not milky. By the incoming drainpipe I caught 5 bass and missed a few more in just a few casts using a #10 black/silver Husky jerk. Three of them were in the 3 lb class. On my first cast my line was tangled on the hook so the HJ wouldn't dive, it just fluttered on the surface. But a bass still came right up and crushed it. Yeah, topwater action in Feb. Also caught a nice crappie and missed another near some flooded brush. It was like the fish though it was april 7. Not bad for an afternoon in early Feb.

  2. Bet that felt good catching some fish in the dead of winter.
  3. I am Jealous, checked a local pond today to see how much of it was ice free, not enough to fish, but it might not be long, i hope.
    GOOD JOB on the bass.
  4. being a hardcore ice fisherman it was a nice reminder that soft water fishing can be fun too.