Pond cost?

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  1. Just wanting to get some ideas on how much it would cost to get a pond build that was a little over 1/4 an acre.....typical round shape, nothing fancy. Any information would be great! :)

    Got big plans!!! haha
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    The first question that you have to ask yourself before moving and dirt is how much watersupply and/or runoff acres will you have? Half empty swampy areas are an expensive eyesore.

    Step 1 needs to be to contact your local county Soil and Water Conservation Agency for a free site survey.

    Keep in mind that fish do not like it live in a bathtub. Therefore create lots of structrure in the pond. Rock piles, reefs, evergreens, ditches, etc.

    My quess for a 1/4+ 10-12 foot deep acre pond would be $5-7K.

  3. mines 28yrs old now . back then I had the county con out [that was a mistake ]. I hired a contractor who built ponds .[ 2acres] he new his stuff . did things I never though of or new . like digging up the inside then repacking the clay in the pond to form a liner. , making it deep to cut down on weed growth.. hire a pro. its worth the bucks in the end,
  4. The pond behind my house is roughly 1 1/2 acres. I had to remove some trees, dig up a lot of clay, and build a road down to it.

    My pond goes from 0 - 23'. The dam is a little higher.

    I have roughly $9,000 in my pond.
  5. Here is a few things that will really add up, Im pricing /getting quotes now to stock my newly dug 3/4 acre pond. Stocking quotes are between $900-1300, another 1000 for the do it your self dock system ( 4x8) , Ill be running electricity out there, adding a pavillion, $300 to rent a slice seeder and seed to plant around it. ( 2 acres roughly) Fencing/gates to keep the horses out and then at some point will be adding a well to supplement the water depth,($3500-5000 and then trees and landscaping and then will get into aerators/difusors/fountains which could easily be another 2k.

    The cost of building the pond at my place was really cheap, but that was because for 2 full years a escavating class ( Career tech center) did the work, at first was all going to be free, but now are saying we need to pay for fuel, still waiting for that bill, was warned would be around 5k, was told the total escavating cost for the pond and moving all that clay to a low area and making a horse arena would have been around 30K had we contracted it out, of course that would have been done in 30 days and included seeding.

    Just a heads up that the after thoughts of a pond are every bit as expensive if not maybe more then the building pond itself