Pond Carping after Alum Last Night

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    Kelly (purple_fishie04) and I went out yesterday, on no sleep (after fishing the night away with Ak), to fish a pay pond with HairyBass and his son, Christopher. First, I must say it is not an ordinary paylake. It is a nicely stocked and groomed pond and park.

    Well Kelly and I were there for only a couple hours and I was to lazy to hunt down fishing tickets at the community center, so I set up a carp rod for the boy to catch one on.

    I spotted some carp playing in some weeds along the bank 20 yards from us and proceded to bait the area with a can of sweetcorn. The fish immediately started playing with the bait. After rebaiting a fish decided to take off. I picked up the rod and then gave it to kelly to have her help Christopher play the fish, while I got the net out. The boy was cranking away while the drag was singing, and kelly was supporting the brunt of the weight of the rod. We were astonished at the size of the fish. It came to 20 with the net, so it is probably around 18 pounds or so.

    This is my favorite...

    This pond also has smaller pond that drains into it. We spotted several smaller koi in it along the edge and I hope to find the bigger ones in there soon.

    Now to plan a strategy...
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    Nothing better than watching a child battle a nice carp! Great pics