Pond Carp (northeast Ohio)

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  1. Headed down to a local pond to try my hand at catching some carp. We have had decent luck in the past fishing here for carp and the time seemed right. The pond is roughly 2 acres and produces good sized blue gill and smallish bass normally. Started out fishing two rods, a Penn 5000 (30 lb power pro) series on a heavy action 7” rod fishing on the bottom and ultralight Pflueger (10lb power pro) free casting corn on a small circle hook. Fishing on the shallow side of the pond midday. Fist hook up was on the ultralight rod, 15 minute fight and a worn out drag landed a 36” 24 pounder.
    Before even getting the first carp in the water the bottom set took off for the biggest one of the day, not much of a fight due to the heavy rod/reel set up. 38” 28 pounds
    And the last of the day was caught on some free floated corn 10 feet from shore, roughly 33” and no weight (weighing bag was badly torn from last fish)
    Overall it was a great day fishing, getting more and more into carp fishing by the day. Pure fun and by far the biggest species you can go after here in Ohio.

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  2. I have not caught a decent carp in years. Awesome

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    THANKS, for the informational post & nice pics!

    & WELCOME aboard! ;>)
  4. Looks like fun. Though not sure about that biggest species in Ohio part. :D
  5. You might be right! Maybe some bigger Muskie and catfish around but not local to me.

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  6. Here is one of the bigger species in Ohio. Last picture is 55#10oz. upload_2018-5-17_10-0-32.jpeg upload_2018-5-17_9-57-55.jpeg
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  7. Absolutely fun fish to catch! Congrats!
  8. Now that is awesome? Where’s that? The Ohio river?

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  9. Piedmont Lake
  10. Use to carp with a UL and 4# mono. Now that's a fight
  11. Now that would be a rush. Since switching to using braid only 10lb was the lightest I could find locally. Maybe I’ll look for some 4-6lb my next cabelas or fin trip.

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  12. Yes it's a blast. We would fly fish for them with 6 wt rods also. Big fish light tackle party on
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