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pond by ymca in beavercreek

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bellyboater, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. Was curious if any of you folks have fished in this pond. I think the city had it made for a water reserve or something about 10 years ago. Any imformation would be appreciated.
  2. I drive past this pond everyday, but have never fished it.
    If it helps, I generally at least one person on it if weather permits.


  3. i fish there a good bit . there are some big cats in there that are from rainbow lakes , i know of a few guys puting them in there . there are some real good bass in there and good crappie fishing in the spring . it is all catch & release. i have caught some big guills in there, cut bait allwasy works for the cats and crappies will hit jigs pretty good , most of the bass in there are around 2lbs . most fish are caught 10ft from bank . there is a water drain in the one corner , it is good structure and usally produces .
  4. Thank you for the imformative replys. I have a couple more questions you might be able to answer. Can you use a float tube and are there any time regulations?
  5. you can put a small john boat with a trolling motor if you want . adn i have fished there intill 3 am and never had any problems . allways stay legal there ( no beer) or the police will hammer you , i saw a guy go directly to jail for 1 beer .
  6. jellywormer

    jellywormer Waiting for the tap tap.

    I take my little green boat up there all the time and have never had a problem. I have been told by the police that technically no one is supposed to fish after dark but that the fisherman over there, up to now, have never given the police a reason to start throwing people out. This has always been a concern of mine. I treasure being able to take my little boat up there and fish. Earlier this year a couple of guys were fishing in a boat up there, in the middle of the day, with beer cans in hand. That guy could have ruined it for everyone. The Beavercreek Parks have not said you can't take a boat or float tube in there but I imagine that they have basically ignored this particular point because the handful of people that do it have not caused any problems so far. I have been fishing there almost 10 years and in the begining noone fished that place much. Now there are people there all the time. I worry all the time that some kind of incident will spoil my opportunity to fish there. My two cents.