Pond by Summit county fair grounds

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  1. Agent47

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    Buddy told me he used to fish a lake in Tallmadge behind the Summit County Fairgrounds but he believes its for Carter Jones Employees now?? Anyone have any idea's. Is it private now ?
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    Actually there are two ponds there with fish dying of old age in them. Yes it is owned by the Carters and they used to let the public fish there. But people kept littering 1st he put up sings and that didnt work so he closed it off. Its a shame but I would do the same if I owned it . I dont know if his employees have access or not .

  3. Erterbass

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    Those are beautiful ponds from what I can see from Howe Rd. I've only seen people fishing it a few times - and the jealousy thing kicks in each time...:eek:

    The signs make it clear that it is private and no trespassers will be tolerated...

  4. My dad stores his boat at the owners home in his barn. A couple of years ago I went with him to get his boat out of storage and I asked if he would let us fish there. He told us no.
  5. it is owned by carter-jones! there is actually a house back there too! My buddy has access to their land and ponds i guess..... fishing in there about 10 years ago used to be great! used to be able to go and always pull a bass out about 3-4 #'s but now you are doing pretty good if you catch one about 15 inches! used to be some big catfish in there too but now all we catch a bullheads so you guys really arent missing much! They are gorgeous ponds though!
  6. I grew up in Tallmadge and use to fish there alot when I was a kid. I was riding my bike down there to fish when Howe road was still a dirt road. The fishing was great back then. It's to bad, but like what has been said already they slowly put an end to fishing there.