Pond behind Fraze Pavilion

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    I know I have heard a lot about people fishing out there behind the fraze... but personally I never have been there to fish... and infact if I remember correctly, there used to be or maybe still are some big cats swimming around in there from recent years.... has anyone been there lately or can anyone shine some light on the subject?

    and is the pond considered to be in Kettering or Centerville??? I know there was a thread about the city of centerville banning fishing, so....
  2. the pond is in kettering

  3. I'd be curious about this myself. YEARS ago, (like 4) I was walking through that area with my family. Came upon the pond area and was surprise to see a dozen or so anglers fishing from the shore.

    While I was there, one pulled in a 4-5lb channel. I talk to him for a while and he said there were alot of channels in the pond that size. I dont recall if he mentioned any bigger sizes. He was fishing with bass minnows on bottom. Of course, this was a long time ago.

    I forgot all about that pond before your post...
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    I was there last summer--fished for hours, but no bites. Other fishermen did tell me there were big cats in there--but not much else. No wonder--the water and the area is nasty...they don't seem to keep it up much. Waaaay overfished. I wouldn't waste my time--go to the LMR or the GMR or CJBrown or Cowan--you'll do better. There's so many great, productive waters around here...no one needs to fool around with low-return waters! (When I first got here from Georgia, I thought Ohio had no place to fish--I lived here two years before someone actually convinced me you could catch a FISH in this state :p ...I sure know better now!)