Pond bass are back at it!

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  1. At my neighborhood pond this afternoon visibility was about 18 inches and the bass were just crushing spinnerbaits and crankbaits in the shallows. It seemed like they wanted it faster today even though the water temp has dropped a bit. I had a couple hit my crankbait when I was reeling it really fast with a high speed 7:1 baitcaster. im guessing these fish would have also gone nuts over a rattle trap. Biggest fish came off of a small log in about 2 ft of water. Hit the spinnerbait on my first cast of the day about three cranks in. 18" female.

    They should be going nuts all this week with the sunny warm days and a full moon on the way sunday.
  2. Took my son to a local pond yesterday and got into a few, we only had a limited time to fish in the middle of the afternoon, I think we could have done better had we got out in the morning or more towards evening.

  3. yeah towards evening when the shadows of the trees surrounding the pond were on the water the bass really heated up. They were in the shadows just waiting to pounce.
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    They would not hit like that for me lol. saw allot got 3 between me and my dad. They were really picky, but the water was REALLY clear. They examented everything. We also spooked allot of them, they could see us on the bank, some were in 4inches of water. Good to see they were really agressive some where.
  5. Fished a pond yesterday with a friend who never fishes...he has no clue whats going on, but always thinks he knows it all....so I start tossing jigs, cranks, etc...as he says he doesn't care what he catches so he throws out a bobber and a nightcrawler....I'm thinking, yea right, might catch some gills....I start catching little bass 1-2lbs at most, all of a sudden his bobber goes down and he grabs his poll....I'm like yea its a gill...well to get to it, it was a 5lb 1oz largemouth....thats the way it goes I guess...at least I know there in there now! :)
  6. We saw alot of fish yesterday cruising the shallows..they were easily spooked it seemed(alot different compared to last week) I tried to spot them from a distance(maybe 30-40yds) and cast towards them without getting the bait so close as to scare them, seemed to work a little.
  7. Hey if they're shallow, throw a Storm Sub-wart or similar shallow crank. It only dives about 12", and you can reel it in pretty fast. I love fishing that crank along banks in shallow ponds.
  8. My son and I went out tonight and managed a few bass and some crappie, bass still seemed a bit skiddish, my son caught more bass than me and had no problem letting me know about it:) thats why when he snagged somebodies old baseball hat I had no problem letting him know about it either:p
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    Where are all these ponds people are talking about. I would love to go to a pond and C&R to LM or Smallies. I want to start learning out to use a Baitcaster and a good pond would be the perfect place! Please Help!
  10. My suggestion for finding ponds is to just take a drive around your area & start looking around. Usually bigger farms have a pond, just might be cattle in & around it sometimes. Also, some people just like having a small pond in their yard. THen when you see one, stop & ask. Just introduce yourself & politely ask about fishing. A helpful hint, at least for me, is to always mention that you will turn everything back. You can always ask about that later.
    THis is what I always do. The majority of pond owners have always let me. The older farmers usually always say yes. You will have a few that say no, primarily because of liability or family fishes it. If they say no, then just say Thank you & look for the next one. I guarentee you will find a couple of places to fish this way.
  11. Google earth is a great tool for finding water to fish. Look for newer housing developments that have ponds. These are almost always stocked at least once and if you do your homework you can find out which ones are best. The best ones tend to be the ones that are not visible from any major road and are tucked behind some houses. Also be prepared to know how to fish in bad algae. Most ponds like this get fertilizer run-off and can be very tough for the average fishermen to deal with. But that is what seems to prevent them from over fishing. Ive seen people walk up, make a few casts, get frustrated with the slime and just leave. Fishing early and late in the year is best at ponds like this because the weeds are more manageable.
  12. Hey Big Joshy, question about those housing development ponds. Do you have to reside in the development to fish the ponds? Or is it an ask the homeowner association, if there is one? Just wondered how that worked, because I'm assuming no one person owns the pond.