Pond at Willow Bend & Big Walnut in Westerville

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by lacdown, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. Anyone familiar with this pond. It says residents only. I don't know if that means the residents that live right off of the pond or residents in the immediate community. I live in Highland Lakes less than a block away.
  2. I live in Willow Bend, and the pond is private and reserved for residents of Willow Bend only. Through association fees we stock the pond, treat the water and add bait fish annually (we also provide food for the two swans, which can be somewhat aggressive at times, especially when nesting). This year there is discussion in the association to shock the pond in order to determine population needs. From my experience fishing it, there are a ton of bluegill (which may be adversely affecting the bass population), many bass (although most are under 12"), catfish (one around 40lbs), grass eating carp and very few crappie (which may be nonexistent now - I haven't caught one in over two years). The pond is catch and release only, which is why we want to hire a company to let us know about the fish population so we can do the right things in terms of stocking and taking fish out that are overpopulated (e.g., the bluegills).