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  1. Hey guys iv been fishing a decent size pond by my house and i know there are catfish in there iv seen them and people have told me about catching them. My question was when you guys fish small lakes and ponds what baits typically work best for you (chicken livers, cut blue gill, worms,ect...) Also are you using bobber's or just casting it out with a sinker and letting it sit on the bottom. Thanks for any advice.

  2. Ive had the best luck in ponds w/ chicken liver, and cut bait, espically if there are alot of blue gill in the pond try using a live or cut blue gill for bait and you should have good results.

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    It can vary from hour to hour. Take several different baits and try them all till you find what works.
  4. You cant go wrong with chicken livers or just plain old night crawlers. I usually fish one on the bottom and one on a float until I find out where they are holding.
  5. Also try going close to the bank before dusk. DOnt know how many i caught three feet from my two feet`!
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    while chicken livers are awsome, they sometimes like to fly off the hook. So I stated using chicken hearts with about the same succsess and they are way tougher. you can pop a couple in your tube of livers to give them some extra scent too.;)
  7. I have a small pond at my house.. I have had the best luck with cut gills I pull some nice channels with them ..i use a bobber as deep as i can cast it my pond is not that deep bout 10 feet or so... but i have got a few about 2 or 3 feet.. a few weeks a ago I got a 6 pounder on a gill head.. from time to time I've got some nice bass with them too.. there is a lot of bait fish in the pond.. I've used liver, worms, hotdogs & cut shad & etc... but the gills really seem to work... my guess is if there is a lot of bait fish where your at I'd definitely try using them....