Politically Correct-Finally!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by c. j. stone, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Thanks to Shortdrift, I now know WHAT I should be called after nearly 40 years in NE Ohio and being referred to as a "Hillbilly" by most of my closer associates. (This wasn't altogether undeserved since I came here originally from the southern-most part of West Virginia.) To be politically correct, I shall hereafter be referred to as an .... "Appalachian American"!!
  2. I feel there may be a need now to form the Appalachian American Anglers Alliance (quadrouple A for short). We should call an organizational meeting at the Turtle Creek event in April. There will be more Appalachian Americans at this event than ya'll can shake a stick at.

  3. mrphish42

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    Hey Guys....I'm happy to be one of those "Appalachian American" descendants.and proud of it..............
  4. Sounds like someone is trying to get a CASINO license.
    Just leave North Bass Island to us Native Oh-Hi-Oh-uns.
  5. I never really 'disliked' being called Hillbilly since in Akron in 1969 and much later, we WERE the majority! Kinda cool! Now....I'm not so sure!
    (that Casino license idea sounds pretty good, though!)
  6. If you are wearing suit & tie does that make you a Hill William?
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    I am a proud Appalachian American. This is a minority status recognized by many state and federal institutions, like The Ohio State University for example. I've never been mistaken for a hillbilly though. I must be one of those self-depricating-appalachian-americans ;)
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    the glorious absense of sophistication!!!!!
    :D :D :D
  9. im a appilachian american also....proud to say im the only guy in my church who has a camo suit coat.
  10. Naa, thats to political correct for me. I am and will always be just Hillbilly, Naugatuck, West by Gosh Virginia's favorite son.
  11. someone called me a hillbilly once and the x sraitened them out by leting them know i am pure redneck as my property is FLAT!!!!:p
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    You guys are really good ! You're better than the Cable Guy!
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    Whaler.......thanks,I guess it's in the blood....more like the "Direct TV" of the entertainment world......haha .......
  14. Look at the positives of being Appalachian American. First of all should we need to we can survive for an indefinate amount of time with only a 12 pack, and a roll of duct tape. O.K. maybe not indefinatly, how about as long as the 12 pack holds out? Wait a minute, the duct tape could be used to "restrain" your neighbor so you can have his 12 pack as well. Come think about it that duct tape is vital to our existance as a race.