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  1. My "nephew in law" was up last week to fish and he brought me a bottle of "Wyborowa" vodka. Imported from poland and distilled from rye grains. I kept it in the freezer. That is without a doubt the best vodka i've ever had, bar none! Anyone know if you can get it in Ohio? I've always been a "Tito's" man but this stuff is fabulous.
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    Luksusowa triple distilled potato vodka imported from Poland, best i've ever had. Very-very clean and smooth taste, unlike the typical American brands that taste like paint thinner with the really nasty chemical aftertaste. As I understand it real vodka is made from potatoes and i'm not a big liquor drinker (Tequila and Vodka is about it, I usually stick to beers) but i've seen this brand in every liquor store i've been in that I recall and its not overpriced like alot of imported stuff like most Tequillas seem to be. I would be curious to see what he thinks of it, lol - it could be a low end "grocery store brand" in Poland for all i know.

  3. he did tell me that most "potatoe " vodka's were...well...at the low end of the scale. thats not to say there are not good ones..but..in general i guess....the better ones are made from grain. funny , 'cause as growing up, i never really drank vodka and just "assumed" it was made from 'taters.
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    Never a Vodka drinker, but at 9 dollars a 1/5th in college "VODKA 110" was the way to go.

  5. i like three olives grape and greygoose and on special occasions, Level
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    talk to leckig on here, he has lots of polish vodka
  7. When talking about Polish Vodkas you can't forget Belvadere(I think thats the spelling..lol) and Chopin good stuff.
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    Ugh, i still remember the morning after up at Fletcher's Pond. !%
  9. A recent issue of a cooking magazine suggested putting cheap vodka through your counter top water filter pitcher (carbon filter) to improve the quality.
    If it turned it into scotch I'd try it!!!
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    Top shelf filtration

    Myth: You can turn low-end vodka into top-shelf vodka with six filtrations of a domestic charcoal water filter (i.e. Brita filters)

    They set up the experiment so that the vodka testers would each get 8 shots of vodka: 6 from the filtration stations (single filtered, twice filtered, etc...), 1 top-shelf vodka, and 1 unfiltered low-end shot. The tasters were asked to rank the shots.

    They analyzed the vodka samples and found that there was no difference in chemical composition between the filtered vodka and the unfiltered vodka. You're better off buying the top-shelf stuff than wasting a bunch of water filters.

  11. I spent many nights with my good friend Luke:) ... Wish I could remember them though:confused: :confused:
    When we were cleaning out my grandmother's house (a Polish Immigrant), we came across a bottle of vodka from Poland (as Poland & Vodka were the only words we could recognize on the label... and the bottle looked at least 25 years old) After her funeral, my brothers, cousins, and I did a shot to her memory of this vodka.... Is the translation from Polish to English mean..Furniture Polish???? Worst stuff we ever had.... A night we'll never forget...Thanks Grandma ! ! !