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Polarized Sunglasses

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by OSU_Fisherman, May 21, 2007.

  1. OSU_Fisherman

    OSU_Fisherman Bassin' Buckeye

    Alright, the day finally came and I lost the nose-piece of my cheap-o Wal-Mart polarized sunglasses.

    I want to buy a nice pair that is in the $50-150 range if possible. It would be sweet if they had a few pairs of lenses with them to change out for different conditions or driving.

    What brand to you guys like? I'm looking for a metal frame most likely. I want this pair to last for several years, but I'm not going to pay a HUGE amount for that. Especially after breaking my rod this past weekend and wanting an ultralight set-up. haha.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. soua0363

    soua0363 Master of Nothing

    I use the Wally World "Renegade" polarized glasses. Cost $10 and they work well enough for me. I have also tried the Strike King ones from Wally World too. Works about the same. I do notice a difference when wearing them and when I am not...can definately see a lot better through the water. I just cannot bring myself to spend more on an expensive one when I tend to drop them and other stuff when out fishing. Also the less I spend on a pair of sunglasses, the more I can spend on fishing lures. :)

  3. Check out H3O Optics. They sell packages that come w/ 3 color lenses (gray, amber, yellow), a case, an adjustable sports cord, and a micro fiber cleaning pouch. I've found them at different sites for $100.

    I believe someone on here is sponsored by them...if you find him, he can probably give you more details.
  4. I use a $20.00 pair of polarized glasses with amber lenses. However I have read countless times you get what you pay for when it comes to polarized glasses. I just don't have the extra money to invest into an expensive pair, so the ones I use work good for me.

    Cacoons are supposed to be decent (and cheap). I would go try on several pairs before I buy any though and read some reviews. Other than that I don't have much more advice to offer.
  5. Nike actually sells some nice glasses for about $100 with 2 sets of lenses and you can buy polarized lenses for about $50. That would give you exactly what you are looking for. I have a set of them with the polarized and golf lenses.
  6. ive tried about 7 different pairs of glasses and all lens shades. The best I have ever owned are raybans. My wife works at a optimoligy shop so she bought me some at cost. I had them about a year and a half before I lost them. I replaced them with the exact same pair and lost those about two years later. My favorite all around lens color is a medium gray. It blocks some light but not so much that they are useless on gray days, which we have plenty of. You can tell that you have a nice pair of polarized lenses if you can see lots of blue dots when you look at a cars tinted windows. For some reason you can see the way they apply the tint. Cheaper versions don't do this. I currently use a 7 dollar pair from wallmart, that is ok, but not amazing. better than plastic lenses though. I think they are panama jack, and they have a metal frame with silvery looking lenses, with uv protection. These are the best cheap pair ive ever owned. But if you have the money ray bans are amazing.
  7. Reel Lady

    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true!

    Check out Costa Del Mar if you're looking for a pair of "quality" glasses. Their glasses are made for fishing!
    Lots of frame styles available, and many different lenses to choose from, depending on your exact needs.
    They actually offer a sunglasses that have 'interchangable" lenses so that you have optimum vision and protection, regardless of the conditions outside.
    Their website is

  8. CaptNate

    CaptNate Pro Angler and Guide

    Costa Del Mar
    Smith Optics
    Maui Jim

    Those are just a few of the better sunglasses in the fishing world...
    Price range for all of the above are between $50-$250

    To get the most out of the glasses, choose a lens color that suits the style of fishing you do, paying particular attention to the color of the bottom you routinely fish and the color of the fish you are looking for against that bottom. Some lens colors make the fish "pop" out better with those two factors in mind. For example, I usually am looking for reddish colored fish against a green grass bottom. Yellow and Amber lenses make the fish stand out in low light conditions. Green Lenses make them stand out in bright light conditions.

    You do get what you pay for in polarized sunglasses...
    Once you play with various kinds and price points you'll see why.
  9. fishingredhawk

    fishingredhawk Ohio Hawg Hunter

    Go with Costa Del Mar's in the Amber or Vermillion colored lenses. These glasses are awesome!
  10. I'm telling you what - for the price the Renegade brand at Wal Mart is hard to beat. Seriously.

    I play softball too - and always am breaking glasses diving for balls. I got myself a pair of those from wally world and LOVE them! They are stylish, but more importantly they have MORE polarization (word??) than the standard polarized glasses elsewhere.

    I will NEVER pay more than $20 for polarized sunglasses, especially now that I've found these glasses. The costa del mars or maui jims or oakleys are all over rated in my book. I had a nice pair of oakleys quite a few years ago - for the cost and the cost to replace them.......I'll stick with renegades!!
  11. CaptNate

    CaptNate Pro Angler and Guide

    I wish I kept track of every time a client showed up with cheap polarized glasses for a charter, then had trouble spotting fish I was pointing out all day long. Not to mention complaints about the sunlight the glasses let in.

    It's one thing to wear them to cut glare, make it softer on the eyes...
    It's another when you depend on glasses to see everything in the water.

    Those higher end glasses will outperform cheap ones every time w/o fail.

  12. This is absolutely true. I don't spend everyday on the water but take it from someone who has fished the flats for redfish, the beach for snook, the bridges for tarpon, shallow wrecks and rock piles for cuda and permit and offshore rips, breaks and weedlines for pelagics...Quality eyewear makes a HUGE difference when the situation calls for seeing a fish b4 catching a fish.

    I've been on trips where I wore walmart glasses and encountered situations just like Capt Nate described. MASSIVE FRUSTRATION for angler and guide alike.

    Costa Del Mar is my pick.

    Wow....I should be a spokesperson.
  13. take a look at for discounted sunglasses. I got my Orvis 'bonecrusher' glass lense polaroid glasses from them for $50 (at Orvis, they were $199). the website carries discontinued and overstock material at nice discounts.

    I used to buy the cheapo sunglasses but got real tired of replacing them every year because the frame broke or the lense popped out. And there is definitely a visual acuity advantage on the better sunglass wear, I can honestly see a difference.
  14. Agreed....the clarity, lack of distortion and durability is very noticable.
  15. Wow...they do have some good deals at that site. I guess the thing to do is go to dicks or sunglass hut or whatever...try on a few pair, find the ones you like, get the model # and buy online.

    Those prices are GREAT!
  16. What are the options for those who already wear prescription glasses? Lens covers? Prescriptoin Polarized glasses? or Polarized glasses which fit over the prescription glasses? what are the pros vs. cons?