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Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by JIG, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. After they get done jumping in up at Skeeter we will be drillin holes by the weekend. Hoping for Fri and was wondering what lures or tactics guys are starting off with. What depth and which end. Ill be on the south pumpin vibs in 12-18ft. Hope to see some OGFers out there this weekend!:B
  2. ggrem

    ggrem OGF Member

    I will most likely be out there on Sat. morning if ice permits. Called up there yesterday and the gang at the Causeway said that the lake was wide open....boooooooooo!!!!!!:mad: The winds really need to settle down and give the lake a chance to freeze. I will fish the south end as well so if you want to send me a p.m. with some info so we could meet and possible fish together. Rob

  3. I'll be on the channel in 20fow, south side.
  4. iwdavefish

    iwdavefish Fishin' Fanatic

    South end, around 15 feet to start.
  5. Sounds good GGREM! Im winding up some new tip-ups. Ill set 4 of those and a few extra holes. Working on a light for the night bite too! Hope it locks up SOON! Last night was pretty calm and clear.
  6. tomb

    tomb Tom B.

    South side, although I don't plan on trying it until next weekend. Almost always set tip-ups. Genz worms have become one of my favorite jigs.