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  1. I remember some people talking about getting a game going this winter, anything ever come of it? I got a nice set of chips for Christmas and am working on an 8 person table. Any of you build your own table?
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    If you get something together, let me know. I'm in. :)

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    That sounds like a good idea! I looked at soem poker tables for the heck of it, and I would have to think it would be more cost effective to build your own! unless you are going to play a lot of poker to win that money back! :D
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    I was going to put together a weekly game and for a number of reasons it just didn't happen. If you have a game let me know!
  5. My buddy Paul and I play some hold'em tourneys here and there with his neighbours. I was online looking for non-profit organizations that have local games. There are some local games on a regular basis. The website that listed them

    Been wanting to go to some larger games if I can talk Paul into it too (I like taking his money)!!!!!

  6. I know I wont be able to get anything together anytime soon, with the new baby and all, but when I do I'll let you guys know.

    I've got an old folding table that I'm going to build my table on. I'm just going to cut down a 4x8 sheet of plywood or osb and cover it with padding and felt, shouldnt cost more than 50 bucks or so. I didnt want to go out and spend 100's of dollars on a table that would only get used 5 or 6 times a year and most of those table tops seem pretty flimsy unless you have a table that is exactly the same size. I will try to get some pictures of it on here when I'm done.
  7. That is a great site, I have looked there a lot. Good info on there for building your own table also.

    What kind of games do you all mostly play, or is it just hold em?
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    If I can get a 4x6 table, I might do the same thing. ALso add padded arm rests, and cup holders. Might even add a bank chip holder and buy-in slot while I'm at it :)
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    I've played more than a few hands in my life, and we usually play hold em, straight poker with many different varieties (stud, draw, follow the queen, wilds all over the place), anaconda, screw your neighbor, guts, and my favorite, black jack. I did make a 4-8 person table topper for poker. I'll have to post a pic of it tomorrow (but beware, there is a Penn State logo in the middle of it).

    My wife thinks I cheat quite frequently by "counting" cards wh9ile we are playing. It's not that hard to do! :D
  10. Mainly Hold'em, but I also like Omaha High Low too. But they are so close in all actually it doesn't seem to make a difference. I know my buddy's neighbor has a table top but I'm not sure if he built it or bought it. He has a lot of chips (good ones) and we just generally have a good time. I only wish that we would set a buy-in abd whoever wins win. They like to lose all their chips and buy more. The only problem I see in that is that if you can always buy more chips, you'll always buy into the flop. I've seen them go all in with 8's and threes. It's nuts, doesn't seem the way to play.

  11. funny you guys are talking poker...i just got a call from my brother who was playing in the world poker open in tunica MS and he busted out 13 (i know lucky #
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    I missed the qualifier for Tunica on Ultimate Bet by 3 places.....................I was so .......!!!!!!!
    I play on 3 different online sites and at all the local church festivals. Also alot of the charity holdem tourneys around town as well. Won a holdem tourny on Ultimate Bet for 2700.00 and a 7 card tourny for 600.00 last week. Cards are HOT!!!
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    I bought several of these tables from sams club.

    lifetime 60 round

    I usually have a game withthe guys/girls from work every couple of months. Instead of having a winner takes all we do it a little differently. We have three tables and start out with two tables usually 8 to 10 people a table. It is a per table game. $5 a table. 2nd place gets their money back and the winner gets the rest. Blinds raise quickly to encourage fast play they double everytime someone goes out or half hour for about 4 or 5 times. As enough people go out we start a new game on the third table. Everyone isn't hardcore we get alot more people interested that wouldn't usually play by doing it this way. You can play one table or 5 it is up to you.

    As you would expect as it gets later and a few people leave the games transform and the stakes go up. But this is every poker game I've ever been too.

    MLAROSA Loving Life

    I enjoy playing poker, if anyone gets a game together in the central ohio area, feel free to shoot me a PM and I'll show up if I'm available.
  15. seems like SO many young kids think they're "Joe Poker" these days. I work at a couple bars with lots of todays youth who scare me how much they play. I love taking their $$. I'm a big fan of Low stakes 5-20 dollar games. Or even free ones. I play a little like Columbo detects. I enjoy calling the flop the flip and things like that. People who count cards should never do it when money's on the line. Kinda like cheating in a bass tourney

    MLAROSA Loving Life

    I supported myself in the poker room for about 2 years solid. Making between $600 and $800 a week, playing 4 nights a week at a low limit game 3/6 holdem. I quit playing sometime ago, a girl I dated wasn't particularly fond of it but we have since split up. I would like to get back into that game a bit more, and not just for the profits. I really miss jsut hanging out at the poker room, and being around the action. It's a total myth that the youth can not play poker. Most of the people I use to play with were under 30 and played very well.

    I am just looking for a small friendly game that has a decent pay off. A $20 tourney is fine with me, althought I can play in the more serious ones as well. I've played poker as high as $50/$100 limits, and as low as nickel/dime. It's a fun game to me, and not about retirement, although my retirement plan involves a casino. :) I see it liek this, $100 a day in a casino isn't that much to win, do it everyday, and you'll make $36,500 cash, tax free a year. Not bad considering. Try to double it if you like, by making $200 a day, and thats really not alot to win either, now your at $73,000. Not bad for a year of poker play. :)

    Anyways, if anyone has a low limit game thats half way serious I'm willing to play. I'd rather pass on the extremly loose games where money don't matter, and I'd pass on the up tight games where people are playing for their rent. Something in between, where people can loose $20 and not get all bent out of shape about it, but at the same time play "good" poker. I'm rusty, and need to get back into a regular game.

    Holler at me if anyone is interested. I may be able to host a game myself, on the occasional weekend, if anyone is interested.
  17. Me and my buddy host tournaments at my house about every 4 - 6 weeks, depending on whats going on during the weekends. Mostly people from work and friends/family members that they bring along. I keep a running list of those that come and play, trying to reinvite them to upcoming games we host. We have had as many as 34 players at one tournament (max 40 players), with a $40 buy-in. No Rebuys. No Limit Hold Em. Payouts go to 1st through 4th normally. 1st getting 55%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 10%, 4th 5%. Games usually last less than 4 hours, due to doubling the blinds about every 20 minutes.

    We have bought chips through a casino distributor out of vegas over the last couple of years, putting us over 4000 chips, with denominations on them ranging from $.25 up to $25.00 We hardly use the $.25 and $.50 chips unless we are hosting games during the week after work for $10 buy ins.

    I have 4 tables we use, that will seat up to 10 players at a table. 2 of them are ones we built, the other 2 are 8' fold out tables. The 2 we built, one was a fold out table that we took a 4'x8' 3/4" plywood, rounding off the corners and bolted down on top of the fold out, then using spary adhesive we put on 1/2" floor padding you can buy at Lowes for like $4 a yard, then we covered it with Felt from Walmart that we get for about the same price. We stretch the felt out and staple it under the table. With us already having the fold out table the cost was under $50. The other table we built we wanted to try something different and put our own legs on the table. You can buy Folding legs at places like Staples. We got a set of folding legs for under $20 and attached them to the bottom of a 4'x8' piece of plywood then made the top the same way as the above top, covered with padding and felt. The only other thing we had to do was use some 2"x4"s to add support to the bottom of the table. This table cost a little more, around $90 to build, but can be built by anyone that doesn't already have a folding table.

    We are always looking for games to get into, we just hate getting to games where they allow rebuys, which seems to be most local tourneys anymore. We did have our local F.O.P. offering a weekly game for $20 buy-in, but I haven't been back since just before X-mas. Then there is a place in town that was having a $10 buy in on the weekends, but they moved the blinds up so slowly that some games with only 8 players were lasting 4 to 5 hours...

    If anyone is interested I might be able to get a few more players in. Message me if you are interested and are not far from the Lebanon Area.

  18. i can get 5x10 sheets of maple plywood from work ...that will make 2 poker tables...its not cheep but if you get 2 54" tables out of it its not so bad
  19. Hey John where can you get that plywood or any type plywood that is that size? I found a site with some good info on building tables and some people on there said they used 5' wide plywood but I have never seen it anywhere.