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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Fishyguy, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. Fishyguy

    Fishyguy Crazy Catman

    Hey guys, just wondering if there are in other serious poker players out there? I like to hit all the catholic church festivals throughout the year and play the 1-3 dollar tables. Seven card stud. Here in the southwest this weekend we got St.Susanna's in Mason. On occasion I play in the casino's, but you have to drive a good distance to play 7-card. Indiana has the closest casino's with it, but Argosy,Grand Victoria, and Belterra don't have it, so you have to go further out. I also play on-line alot. I like to try to get a home game going in the winter sometimes.

  2. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    I play in local tournaments some times. usually hold em, but other games too,7 card stud, 5 card stud, follow the queen,and others i really don't know the name of. do you perfer buy in's or a set price?
  3. hey lee,
    i like to play a little poker from time to 23 days (yes im i'll be in vegas bellyed up to a poker table
  4. THarris


    I play regularly ... primarily online along with some home games.
  5. lureboy98

    lureboy98 Livin' the Lifestyle

    Johnboy always told me he'd let me take his money but he hasnt owned up to that yet....hasnt showed up to play! I play a lot with my friends and have been playing for about a year and a half, its a fun hobby but expensive if you are no good at it!
  6. Fishin' Coach

    Fishin' Coach Wall I ETR

    I play in vegas about once every two years, I play in local hold-em torneys (which seem to be growing) and I play locally in a monthly regular ohama-hi-lo game.
    Ps good site if you are interested in local gaming...
  7. i'm pretty obsessed with poker, play online and host tournaments quite a bit. even built a pofessional hold'em table. the casinos in detroit are a little too rich for my bankroll though. mabye when i get out of school and get a real job i can go take some people for serious money.
  8. I love playing poker. Starting playing with my dad when I was 5 with gumballs instead of money.:D Played 5 card draw and since I was 5 everytime I dealt the game was 5 card draw 5's wild, and to this day 22 years later whenever I play with my uncles and dad I dont even have to call the game just deal the cards cause everyone knows what it is. I played the low limit games in Vegas last time I was there and had a good time but want to try out some bigger games next time I go out there. Poker is the best game to play in Vegas, you can play longer and cheaper than anything else and if you are any good at all you can win some easy money. I won several hundred dollars, I know thats not much but I played 6 to 8 hours a day. I would play all night and then sleep for a while in the morning and then play BJ or Let it ride with my friends in the evening and then play poker all night to win back all the money I lost playing those other games. If you have played at all you can play for hours and hours at a low limit table for 40 or 50 bucks, at any other game in the casino that much money may get you an hour or two if your lucky, most times that much will only last a few minutes. When I play with my friends we have started playing Texas Hold-em and I've been having a great time playing that. I have never played on-line, I dont see how it can be fun playing on the computer where you dont have real cards and you cant even see who you are playing against. Everyone talks about how fun it is so maybe i will give it a shot some time. Are there any sites you can play for free to try it out? I have held a few tournements at my house that have been a lot of fun. Usually low limits, like 25 bucks, have the first few hours at low limits like quater ante and 2 dollar max bet and then go up to no limit after a few hours. Its a good idea if you are playing with friends to start out with a low limit so everyone gets a chance to play for a few hours.
  9. Fishin' Coach

    Fishin' Coach Wall I ETR

    Vegas Secret. Shhhh... First night there stay on Ohio time (3-4 hours difference)depending on time of year. Wake up early 6-7am ohio time. Go play poker before breakfast. (2-4 am Vegas time) The tablels will still be full especially on weekends, but the wait to get in on a game is fairly short. Also 99% of your competation will have been playing and or drinking for far too long :)

    True story, at the Luxor Last June, 4 am playing at a 3-6 Hold-em' Pocket a pair of 6's
    10 player loose table w/ 8 in at flop. I raise in late possition to drive out flush draws.
    Flop= 6,2,A mixed suites I raise Dealer re-raises everyone else folds. we raise each other like back in forth For two more rounds (Big Pot) Till every cent he had was down.He says Flush I looked at him and the dealer looked at him then the dealer breaks the news to him "Sir your pocket jack is a club not a Spade you only have a pair of 2's. Nice start to the Vacation :)
  10. captnroger

    captnroger OGF Webmaster

    I've been playing a weekly no-limit game at a neighbors, been playing for 15 years or so. I plan to start a weekly game of my own in late October and will post here looking for players.

    When in Vegas, I recommend playing downtown at the Plaza. Lots of locals, a good friendly game.
  11. HA Great story coach, serves him right. That is why I dont drink while playing poker, I'll live it up at the BJ table or something else where you dont have to think much but at the poker table its just water or pop. I just played 7-stud when I was out there but look forward to playing some hold-em next time. What are your favorite places to play? I played a lot at the Flamingo and some at Excalibur and the Plaza while I was downtown. Monte Carlo looked like a really nice room but I didnt play there.
  12. Hey cap, I would be interested in a game. How big a game you talking?
  13. Fishin' Coach

    Fishin' Coach Wall I ETR

    Also play at Excaliber, I like their new no Limit Hold em table w/ only a $100 buy in.
    For limit I like the Luxor.
  14. I read someplace that the Gold Nugget was having a $50 no limit hold-em tournement everyday, might be something fun to try. The Excaliber had a few things that made it a little more fun, like the bad beat jack pot and the wheel that you can spin if you lose with a full house. There was a guy at my table that had a full house and got beat by 4 of a kind and spun the wheel and ended up winning a 100 bucks!

    MLAROSA Loving Life

    I play Texas hold'em pretty often at the vegas nights located here in columbus. You can find them and their location of the week in the classifide section of the dispatch under bingo fund raising. They play all limit games 3/6 10/20 and the occasional 4/8 omaha.

    Hey capt, what kind of game are you trying to get started (as far as buy in and blinds?) I understand your trying a no-limit game, and I don't live to far from you, so give me a shout when your started and needing some people.
  16. captnroger

    captnroger OGF Webmaster

    twistertail, mlarosa, what I'm talking about is a weekly game, $20 buy in no-limit hold'em, and play till final man standing on most weeks, and hope to have at least 12 guys per week. My neighbor's game, the winner takes home 240-260. The losers early usually start their own table. Starts at 8, never goes past 11.

    Works out next door, consistent game most every week. You play softball in the summer each week, why not poker in the winter.

    Anyways, I'll post here when I'm ready to go, as we are 6 weeks away at least. Just getting the rec room (complete with it's own entrance/exit and restroom and fridge) ready. I'd like to have a consistent 10-16 players each week, and it's not like people won't miss a week here and there. Champions tourney at the end, sometime in Jan/Feb.

    MLAROSA Loving Life

    Sounds sweet. Give me a shout when your up and running!
  18. guy I used to work wiht is wanting me to learn to play texas hold'em and play with him and some guys here in a few weeks

    i've never played poker before or even know how. Any good sites to teach?