Points and Condensers

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  1. So I got a tournament Sunday and I'm using my buddy's boat, but his motors messed up. He's pretty sure its the points & condensers. My only problem is he's in Tennessee and I dont have a clue how to change them. I've got to change them tommorrow unless I wanna troll around in one area for 8 hours. So I hope one of you guys can either point me to an online guide on how to change them or can just tell me exactly how to do it. I'd appreciate the help guys
  2. Any help guys? I gotta get this done today

  3. Lewis


    What type of motor would help.
    On most outboards you have to remove the pull start assembly (if equipped)
    Then you remove the flywheel...a puller is reccomended.
    Under the flywheel you will find a cover.
    The points and condensors are under this cover.
    I dont your point gap spec,but .019 should be close...use a feeler gage.
    You have to turn the motor over and get the lobe that opens the points on high cam or top dead center.
    While you are in there inspect the coils for swelling or cracks.