Point Park ,aka The RUMBLE

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    LakeRaider EEEEEK!

    This weekend at Carrolton, Ky. Point Park shootout. The fastest dragboat
    outboards, v-drives, hydros, jetboats, there is, this weekend. Carrolton ,Ky. at Point Park. 800 ft course.Lakeracer to Unlimited boats. Outboards up to 345 hp with nitrous, jets and v-drives up to 1200 hp on squeeze and juice bottles. Everything from stock to super outlaw unlimited!!!!!!! Raider will be there with Roys Allison DIALED IN AT 100+ MPH IN 800 FT.! Our club
    BadApplesRacing will be there with 3 unlimited blown hydros at 1,000 hp+ and a vintage blown shovelnose hydro. We,ll have some very fast jetboats and v-drives also racing against the worlds fastest outboards. Sunday morning we will have an unlimited highspeed shootout for top mph! Shoud be in the 130-140 mph range if water conditions permit! Look for the BADAPPLESRACING banner flying at the park and stop by! You,ll see a yellow Allison dragboat, THAT BE ME AND ROY, stop by !!!Raider!!!!!!:) :p