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    Well, another trip to Pt. Breeze has come and gone. We arrived on Wednesday, 8/22 and settled in. Afterwards, we hunted down PapaScott's cabin and planned on a few cocktails (4 to be exact) with him but he got delayed and hadn't made it up yet...maybe next time Scott!!!

    I (with my friends) have had many trips to that area to fish and have entered the LOC Derby every year but we have never caught a big enough fish to place in the top 20...been close but never a cigar! Is this the year we get the monkey off our back?...Read on to find out...Happy to report nobody fell in and the boat didn't fail...good thing since we had to run out to the 30-32 line to find the water we wanted to fish (shore is at the 22.5 line), through nasty fog, cold weather and periodic rain...but it was worth it...once we dodged the other boaters and a few freighters we set-up the first day and ran five lines...(3) riggers with green flavored spoons and two dipsies with dodger/fly combos, also in green...we caught our fair share of nice cohos, steelies and a few nice matures, but no money fish...But we had a blast as those fish went crazy in that cold water 49-52 degrees and were nutso crossing lines and jumping all over the place...check out the photos below from day one.

    My average size this trip


    My friend Jack with a nice King


    A Decent Coho


    Another Nice King 20+ lbs


    We caught over 30 fish on day one, keeping 9 and releasing the rest...What a great day!! When we got back to shore, we partied hard, celebrating our success and wishing for another good day to come...still wanted to get a derby fish, so our focus was big fish only...all C & R from now on! Since we partied so hard, we agreed on a later start the next morning and it was lights out, with visions of the big one yet to come!

    Got out at 6:30am the next morning and right back into the fog we went, however, the sun was peeking through so a few photos were taken...unfortunately, they just don't capture the real image we had as the fog created a hazy, eerie filter of the sun's power...use your imagination!



    Was the sun a good omen for things to come?...I think so...we ran to the same area and set up the same program...we caught four decent fish, then three skippies before the big one hit...I wish I could embellish on the first four, but I couldn't get close to the crazy fight that the biggy put on. When the rod went off, the fish went across the stern and into the dipsie wire and out the the starboard side of the boat...we cleared the dipsy line just as the fish decided to head towards the bow...then the fish decided to go under the boat to the port bow...thought we lost him, but up the side of the boat with rod in hand, around the pulpit and down the port side to the back...meanwhile the fish decided he wanted to head to Rochester...peeled out 700' of line...we pulled all of the lines and went after him so we didn't get spooled...finally after a ten minute fire drill, we evened the battle and patiently worked the fish to the transom...netted and on the scales for a quick read...scales dropped beyond thirty so we boxed it, filled the box with water and headed in...stoked that we finally had a worthy sized fish to weigh in. That was at 10:30...Pictures of the hog are below...I just wish I was on the rod, but it was nice to see my friend John bag this one...this was his first trip back after a 3 year break...I think he'll be back next year.

    Official weigh-in at Narby's


    Here is John with his fish on the scales


    And another view.


    This trip would have been better if we were able to visit with PapaScott and his friends, but we did have a chance to exchange a few radio updates. We did stay and fish about a half day on Saturday with eight fish on, all steelies, and four landed before we were blown off.

    As for the Derby standings, we were in first place (not Grand Prize position, so essentially second place) when we weighed the fish only to drop down a spot by day's end...still a lot of fishing to be had so we are hoping it holds up for at least a small pay-off...

    I keep saying we as we fish as a team and split any winnings equally...However, even if we don't win any money, we are winners because of the fun and good times we share as friends! Can't wait until next year!!!
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    great story and pics, thanx for sharing it . is that big one 11 kilo's ???

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    I have been out of the kilo business too long to answer your question so I will have to explain it this way. :D :D

    The scale is in pounds...dial is twenty pounds...one and half spins around the dial for a weight of 31lbs, 3ozs.
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    Nice fish!!

    31+ might net you a little cash.

    We left the Pt. on Wednesday around noon. It was strange wearing all of the clothes we had with us on Tuesday trying to stay warm with the NE wind and 40 deg surface temps. It did NOT feel like August!

    Tuesday and Wednesday most of our fishing was in the 27-29 north, 16 west area. We actually got into 55 deg surface on Wed morning out at the 32 line but caught more fish back at the 28 north in 48 deg surface.

    We also are looking forward to next years trip. Maybe we can all hookup next year.
  5. Sorry I was not able to get there as planned on weds was looking forward to sharing some old milwaukee. We fished about as much as possible and went 16 for 18 on friday wit no mature fish fishing the temp breaks out at the 32-33 line. Fished friday night and landed 2 matures one 24 and one 26 in 150 fow just east of the river.

    Sat. started inside and did not move a rod in the first hour so we packed up and ran offshore for numbers as we had two guys with us that never caught a salmon and wanted to do some numbers. We ended up with around 8 fish no real size other than a 12 lb steelhead. The weather kept us off the lake for the evening bite.

    Sunday we got a early start and fished strait off the river in 120fow and stayed put until 2 whne we left for home. We landed 5 nice matures from 23 to 26 lbs and snapped off another nice one.

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    What happened? We broke off two this past trip, one got into the wire line and cut the leader the other snapped the fly leader. I know Het broke off at least one.

    I always like to hear what happened to maybe prevent the same problem happening to us.
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    Scott, sounds like you got into a good class of fish...way to go...I too was looking forward to tipping a few back and BS'n a little...

    We only had one break off and it was due to a overly tight drag...fish hit and no give from the drag...plastic rod holder didn't fail but my thirty pound braid did...gone was the fish, new Spin Doctor, new E-chip fly and Dipsy...but I kept the rod in the boat...still out $30 and no fish to show for it...we re-tie often and flies have 40# Fluoro...maybe we got lucky from the sounds of it.

    However, we did have an excessive amount of fish (4) get wrapped in the fly leader, which was a first for us.

    Scott, what program were you running for your matures?
  8. Kim, it was funny actually. Tim was just commenting on how he, nor I for that matter, had ever done so well with hookups to landing and not a single piece of lost tackle not even a swivel. We had a pretty good tangle after a lesson on "SPEED SETTING DIPSEYS". I retied my wire dipsey and Tim let it back out. It wasn't 2 min later I heard a crack, crack, crack, like someone was knocking at the door and look back to see my wire diver rig ripping back into the side of my rigger! Befor I could reach it the spoon was snapped off at the 30lb leader. While reeling it in it was apparant the the drag was still cracked down from horsing in the tangle. Lesson learned always check the drag and then check them again!

    Fugawri, all of our fish on sunday came on wire dipseys, 2 setting 200 back with a fishlander ultra glow spoon, or a moonshine spoon (thanks for the tip Kim) or an e-chip, atomik fly back 275 on a 2. We had 2 smaller fish on the riggers they were staggered at 95 ansd 120. We stayed right off the river and trolled east and then back west to almost right back north of the river, in about a half mile to mile section. The current was wicked but the bait was the thickest I have seen all year, maybe ever, it was neat to watch the rigger rods shake when the line bounced through the bait.

    The best fight I had was from a BIG coho. Never before had I seen a fish that big jump that high and do cartwheels all the while fighting like a king, it was almost like the ultimate cross of the acrobatics of a crazed steelhead and the pure power of a Big king was the best fight I have had on rod and reel to date!

  9. Great story and pictures, Fug. I was reading the daily fishing reports on "At the Oak" when we got back, and it seemed that the bite picked up since we left.

    It would be fun if we could all make the trip at the same time next year. My crew was very happy with our results this year on our maiden salmon voyage, but I think I learned enough to do a bit better next year.

    I already ordered two more reels for the downriggers, and I'm switching my reels I used for riggers this year (SG47LCs), to my wire Dipsy reels next year (they'll hold a whole 1000 ft spool of wire).

    Lundy: Check out Janns Netcraft spoon blanks. They have some that are identicle to the Pirate 55 blanks you've been looking for (3 3/4", octagonal pattern).
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    sounds like a great time was had by everyone. thanks for the photos and the story to go along with them:D i hope you get to pocket some cash too;) oh and that is one SWEEEET fish.
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    Thanks for sharing guys, Great story and good fishing. Next year I will be ready to tackle some kings on my boat, I did it once and it was a blast can't wait to do it again. Once again thanks what a refreshing read.
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    Great story and pictures Brian, thanks for posting!
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    We ended up 3rd in the Salmon Division...best finish ever! The top four positions were seperated by only 12 ounces...I knew we should have saved that last beer...it was a tough call! :D

    Still a good trip and the extra cash almost paid for the alcohol! Almost!! :D