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Poaching Problem

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by Snook, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Snook

    Snook Eat-Fish-Hunt

    I hunt in Coshocton county and have been disgusted by what I am seeing.:mad: I have found several deer on various farms I'm hunting lying in the fields with their heads cut off this year. Obviously these "POACHERS" are horn hunting and "stealing" the opportunities of us legitimate hunters the chance to harvest a trophy deer. Besides the fact the deer is left behind to rot and stink up the area. A waste of the animal. How widespread is this problem in your hunting area? Any suggestions on how to catch these bandits? Where I hunt in the hollow I can see the roads from a distance and already have been making mental notes on which vehicles travel up and down the roads routinely.
  2. keep cALLING the game wordan it took me about three calls but one day while i was hunting here came the man in green walking throw the woods. we had a nice little talk and have not had a problam since. someone told me that if you keep calling and get no responce calll on the weakend and leave a message that states since you are getting no responce you will have to take matters into your own hands . sometimes that lites a fire under them

  3. Ditto what fatkid said.

    1-800-POACHER has been around for many years because it works. I think some folks assume if a live person doesn't answer or a wildlife officer doesn't show up in 15 mins that its a waste of time. Wrong. The more details you can provide the better chance they'll do something...maybe not immediately but at least you give them a chance to take a report and stick a pin on the map.
  4. BigSteve

    BigSteve Member

    Yeah that sucks, I remember a few years ago finding a headless deer on the property I hunt and you do feel robbed. especially when you've really put in your time scouting, observing, not to mention the hours spent on stand waiting for that buck you've been watching all summer.
  5. Yea, I hate to see that crap. I hunt in the Athens area and I know some poeple from hunting there so long .I'm not saying that its right put I know that some of them shot deer out of season. But it's a poor repressed area and its for the meat. I ask a few of them if they shot the big bucks and they strongly said that they save them for the hunting season. It makes me sick to hear that people do this crap and leave the deer for the antlers. Who does that stuff?
  6. When I was down at MWCD this year I had to walk by the same poached carcass to get to my stand every time. After a morning of sitting and not seeing anything it is frustrating to walk by that.
  7. Snook

    Snook Eat-Fish-Hunt

    Well guys we found another one. A 9pt (decent) only a few days old. This one perhaps could have been hit with an arrow from the neighbor. Perfect heart shot but no pass through. Hard to say. Will try to see if someone hit one they lost. Nevertheless, 6 nice bucks gone within half mile. Just the ones we know about.