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  1. I decided to take a ride in the neighborhood tonite,The poachers are out in full force.6 deer laying along road,back straps and hams missing on some.Others just the straps.I live in the country,I hate to see this.I've lived out here for 20 years,It just seems to be getting worse.

    Will post pictures tomorrow,After I call Game Warden......
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    That sucks! I sure hope the WCO catch them turds.

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    yep way to go people---keep adding fuel to PETA's fire, hope they catch those low life scumbags
  4. toxic :I AGREE WITH YOU 100% I AM A 100 % DIS ABLED VIETNAM VET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT ON THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!! pappysgto@att.net
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    I sincerely hope they catch these SOBs.
    We live in nature, and these scumbags dont respect that. We have a meeting with the game warden and park rangers tomorrow.
  6. That's terrible...let's hope the GW's get ahold of these guys.
  7. I'm pissed....This has got to stop.I'll let you all know how it's handled.
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    What a wasted. I hope they catch these bungholes and fine them into oblivion.
  9. Agreed....some people are real JERKS to say the least!!!
  10. I don't know how the carcass got there but what I see is from scavengers. Especially that one showing the hind end. That would be a good spot to pop a coyote or fox.
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    It's also possible that they were tagged, had some parts removed, then dumped. Used to see deer carcasses and trash bags with hides and bones in them thrown out along the highways. Look to see if the ears have slits from having the tag removed, or a hole or slit in the back leg around the tendon. Maybe you'll get lucky and find a tag!
  12. The pics don't show everything, I'm sure. But, I don't see any signs of butchering at all. It doesn't make sense to poach a deer and then dump the entire thing. Poachers aren't the smartest people, but still. :D Have they been gutted? Is there any chance someone is dumping road kill there?
  13. Years ago I stumbled upon where the county dumped road kill deer down at Deer Creek wildlife area, even watched them do it, they just pulled up in a pickup and started tossing them, maybe report it to the game warden he would know if thats whats going on or not.
  14. As was mentioned it is hard to tell from the pictures what the motive may have been in putting the deer there. The one doesn't appear to have any meat taken from her (backstraps not removed) which makes me wonder as well whether they were road kills. Hopefully there is a sensible answer such as that. I just can't really see why someone would go to the bother of shooting does and not taking any meat but then relocate them to this spot. So I am sticking with the road kill theory.