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  1. Hey guys.. I am going to go to my parents house next weekend and replace the waterlines in the basement to pvc... I have done it before using a hacksaw... but I want to get this done in one weekend (so I can get out on erie in 2 weeks)and I wanted to know the best way to cut the 1/2" pvc so I dont have to file and sand every piece.. Is there a tool that anyone has used that works slick? and any other tips will be greatly appreciated!!!! thanx.........
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    check lowes or home depot for pvc pipecutters.tat's the tool you need.they should have them,but if not,plumbing supply house should.

  3. Lewis


    Even if you use a pvc cutter be sure to de-burr the inside of the pipe.
    Those little plastic burrs just love to plug up faucet aereators.
  4. Hacksaw !! who uses those things anymore? i have a dewalt cordless, if you want to use it!!
  5. standard tubing cutter works fine.the same type used for copper tubing,usually cut 1/4 in 1 1/8 in copper but they work real well on CPVC
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    if you get a hand operated pvc cutter buy the ratcheting type.this worked good for me when i put our tankless hot water heater them at lowes for $12 .
  7. I agree with lewis ont skip on the little things because going back is frustrateing. The cpvc tubeing has fittings called tiger fittings oh they are expensive but it allows you some other freedoms and they are easy to use i wasnt to keen on them wheni seen them but i just redid a basement to feeed theupstairs and they didnt leak.They come in handy where the cpvc ties into the copper they allow you to tighten the cpvcfitting to the copper fitting. Tiger fittings once again i was highly skeptical but highly impressed with the outcome and freedom they give you.
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    Those pvc cutters work great. Hacksaw? People still use them things?;) That's like trolling for walleye with a zebco.:D
  9. Be careful with $12 ratchet cutters, had a customer by those and they snapped the handle on the first cut. I carry a scissor type in the truck, they have not failed me in 7 years of service work.
  10. Also check out shark bite no-sweat fittings......they push onto copper, cpvc, pex...etc......

    and they don't leek.....

    so stop burning wall studs and insulation....they cost, but for me, a non plumber, it was worth it....
  11. Thanx for all of the replies... I will pick up a pair of the ratcheting cutters and I allready have the regular tube cutters... I will also check out the tiger fittings as I am picking up the supplies... and I also will have the cordless sawzall...