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Plumbing Advice Needed

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by olwhitee, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. I just went into the basement and noticed that around one of my floor drains, there was some sewage remnants and a wet ring were water had came up and went back down. My wife happened to be getting in the shower at that time, and the water started rising again when she turned the water on.

    I talked to a plumber who said it probably needs snaked out. My dilemma is whether to have a plumber come do it or to get my own snake and try it myself. My wife is worried that handling/snaking the sewage is hazardous to health as we have a newborn in the house. I dont think it will hurt anyone as long as I wash up afterwards, but she is worried.

    Any advice???
  2. shuvlhed1

    shuvlhed1 Banned

    And it is a nasty job. You may have tree roots or something in your lines that need cleaned out. I've heard horror stories about home snake jobs that go bad, mainly breaking the snake off in your line. Seems like it would be better to let a professional handle it. but that's just me.

  3. worminator

    worminator I'll be bach

    Been there and done that. If you have trees in the yard anywhere near where the drain goes from your basement you may want to spend the money and have a plumber come in to clear it. I think the only hazard would be to let it go for too long. Get it done soon. I had the pros come in cause i had a big ole tree in the front of my house. They brought in the industrial strength snake and I'm glad I called. They pulled out a root ball the size of a softball. Call around and get some prices. If you can have it done mid week and before 5:00. You may save a buck or two. I don't know what they cost to rent but you can go that route also if you have the time to pick it up, run it and return it. If I remember right, it's been a couple years ago, I payed about $160.00. But I had to get it done on a Sunday afternoon. Extra $$$$ for that.
    Good luck........... it's nothing major, but it always happens at a bad time for me anyway.
  4. Thanks, I found a plumber who will come out today. We do have lots of trees round the house, hopefully it is something easily fixed, cross your fingers for me.

    Thanks again guys.
  5. Update....

    Cost 400 dollars to have a guy come and do his thing.....what a joke

    not such a good day for me :mad:
  6. steelmagoo

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    I have seen products that you put down the drain to kill and decompose roots in drain lines (if that was your problem) . RootX is the name of one of the products. Not sure where to buy it, but you can find it on the internet by searching on the name. Might work as a preventive measure.
  7. I Work For The City And We Are Required To Get Hepititis Shots. Ive Not Had Mine But Do Come In Contact With It. I Have Not Had Any Problems But It Sounds Like You Dont Have A Basement Crock. (older Home With City Sewer) You Might Have To Contact Them To Jet From The Manhole Back To Your House. Some Houses Have Clean Outs Being Its Not The Citys Line. Jig :)
  8. 400 to snake a main? If all he did was snake it out you got Screwed really bad. I think I pay around 60 for a service call on a main line snake. I do all the others my self. Did the 400 end up being a tank pumpout by chance?

  9. Fish Tale

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    If it is tree roots,What steelmagoo said will work too keep the roots away.You can find it at a good hardware store.
    Snaked my own drain about 8 years ago,got a ball of roots that looked like fine hair,went to the hardware store and asked the manager if they had anything for this problem;he showed me RootX ;followed the instructions on the box,and haven't had a problem since,knock on wood......
  10. All he did was snake the main line from the basement out to the street, he charged us 369, this was a company called alltek.

    Looks like I got screwed.....
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  13. worminator

    worminator I'll be bach

    hope you got flowers and a card with that...................
    not much you can do do.
  14. mrfishohio

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    Don't feel bad..I paid $419 a few years ago for the same thing. It was a local plumbing company. There was a service charge, and a snake machine charge, then $90/hr I think. He brought an industrial sized sort of classic antiquish monster of a machine. The snake cable was nearly 2". I asked what it would cost when he got there, he said it never takes more than 45 minutes. Took him over 3 hours, I even called when they billed me, the time starts when they leave & ends when they return, so there was an extra 1/2 hr on it. Anyway, my problem was huge roots way out by the street, he even called the company as he was having such a problem, they told him to keep trying & not give up. I had 2 " of sewage on my basement floor. Good thing he broke thru, or he told me the only alternative was to dig up the yard with a backhoe. He told me any of the other servicemen would've done that after 1 hour. So I was lucky !!
  15. shadowman

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    when my drain plugged up last year at the salon i called several area plumbers price ranged from 300 to 500 dollars so i called roto rooter just to see......they did it the same day i called ( saturday ) and when it was all said and done the bill including a gallon of stuff that you use once a month to keep the drain clean and smells great was 195.00 dollars.....i thought they would be most costly thats why i called them last but it turns out they were the cheapest by half the price.........the gallon of stuff they sold me cost 48.00 dollars so the snake job itself was just under 150.00..... :cool:
  16. I've had the same experience as Shadowman. Used to have 27 trees in my yard and called Roto Rooter many times over the years. Anywhere from $100-$200 for a snake job. The last time this happened, they brought this high powered water jet thingy that cleaned the whole thing out and is guaranteed not to clog for something like 3 yrs. That cost me $400 but don't call them after hours or you're gonna really get it. :D
  17. When he told me how much it would be I told him nevermind, and then he reminded me of the 69.99 dollar service charge I would owe even if he didnt do the work.

    What a rip off. I was in such a rush to get that sewage out I didnt take time to think straight, it is our first house, just bought it a couple weeks ago.

    Guess you live and learn.
  18. The problem didn't happen in to weeks. I'd call the realitor and ask where he would like the bill sent to.
  19. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    If the RootX and the monthly flush chemical they sell you for $48/lb is blue crystals it's copper sulfate. Don't buy it from rotor rooter or a plumber. Copper sulfate sells for about $1.00/lb of powder so look at the markup and do the math.
    I throw about 1 cup a month down the drain during the growing season, especially springtime. It won't dissolve what's already there but it kills root growth and stops the plug from occurring again.