please wear sunglasses

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  1. OUCH!!:eek: We have sun glasses on but thats for the sun glare. Never thought about a hook or something else.
    A buddy of mine was telling me when he use to rough in framing he took a 10d nail in the eye. Still has his eye guess it was just mm he would of lost it.

  2. And safety glasses at night.....
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    i agree with that...
  5. Wow! That would suck makes me glad that i wear glasses.
  6. darn near blinded myself the other night. i set the hook so hard the string slung back and hit me in the eye. I'll be wearing sun glasses more often.
  7. check the safety rating on the sunglasses or ask when u buy them, my prescription sunglasses are osha rated and tested to withstand a 10lb. lead ball dropped from 10 foot. just make sure ur not buying something thinking it might protect u instead of making things worse.
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    salmon/steelhead fisherman need to really watch themselves.
    never stand behind someone fighting a fish.

    i saw an old man go down because a 3/8 oz sinker hit him staight between the eyes. (happened to be my step fathers sinker)
    took the guys a few hours to recover from what looked like .38 cal. hole in the center of his forehead and he had a hat on!! your eyes cannot withstand a mishap like that
  9. ANSI Z 87.1 - It will be on the temple bar of any pair of glasses that meet or exceed OSHA's PPE standard.