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  1. H guys,
    I need to do a big project for my English class. I had to make a survey and get as many responses as i can, (the more the marrier) i only have until Monday so if everyone that reads this can take less than 2 minutes out of their day to take this survey, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch guys :eek: :D :)

    here is the link Click on it, fill out survey, hit done, and that is it.
    Also if anyone here deals with pollution for a living please contact me.
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    there were a couple of errors.

    one being "Most industries care more about a prophet than they do the health of the city they are located?"

    I'm sure that prophet is supposed to profit. No big deal, but not something you want the teacher to see. Also the questions should be statements for the agree/disagree section. One can not agree to a question but can agree with a statement. I hope this improves the grade!
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    Took it. Alot of good Q's on there-Good Job!
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  7. OK it is fixed.
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  9. Wow...I met my quota of reading for this month.

    Would you be willing to share your results with us when completed?
  10. good one, thanks.

  11. Yea, I will post the results once the poll closes next tuesday.
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    finnished the survey
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    Another one down.